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Apple Inc. And Mayo Clinic Team Up For iWatch, iPhone 6 Event

It is rumored Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will team up with the renowned Mayo Clinic for today’s upcoming iPhone media event. The two initially started working together two years ago as the Clinic started working with Apple on the HealthKit API and Health app.

During today’s event, Mayo Clinic will be there to demonstrate the health care app and show health care professionals how they can utilize the app for better medicine. Just last June, the Mayo Clinic helped Apple during the official unveiling of the HealthKit.

Mayo Clinic CEO puts faith in Apple’s Health app

Dr. John Noseworthy, the chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic, believes the HealthKit will revolutionize the industry and he is proud of his company’s involvement.

When the new Health app is shown to the public later on today, MayoClinic will then follow up with a demonstration showing data from the app flow into a more sophisticated health care system. This entire system piloted several health-related applications for the iPhone. The Mayo Clinic is already testing out a service that alerts patients if their apps show abnormal or concerning health results as well as prompt users to schedule physician visits.

Apple looks towards the future of health-related technology

The Mayo Clinic also confirmed Apple will unveil the iWatch and it will play a key role in the health-oriented technology. The company clearly wants to take on a new role in the health care industry with cutting edge technology and innovative ways to connect people with health professionals. This is a big opportunity for Apple to take on a specific market that has yet to be tapped by rivals. The fact Apple has teamed up with a trusted health company also works in favor of the company’s plans.

Apple has already revolutionized the tech industry in many ways, if it proves successful in the next venture, the company may just find a whole new market to transform.