One Akron teenager was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor after a viral video surfaced on the internet of him kicking a stray cat.

Teen Arrested After Abusing Cat In Viral Video

Boy charged with abusing animal for kicking a cat

18-year-old Trevonte Mitchell was arrested on August 13th after he admitted to abusing the animal. A friend filmed the incident which involved Mitchell standing next to the cat before kicking it across the yard over three feet. The cat then landed on it’s feet and runs away. His friend Roy Hill reportedly posted the viral video on his Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, this video sparked outrage among internet users. The Ohio Animal Abuser List even shared the video on it’s Facebook page to show awareness. After the video went viral, the incident prompted investigation from police and the Humane Society. Daniel Zampelli (Akron Police captain) told NewsNet 5. Police added Mitchell expressed remorse. Although Mitchell faces a $1,000 fine and a possible sentence of six years in prison. Zampelli doesn’t think Mitchell will actually face any jail time.

Grandmother gets in trouble over granddaughter’s photos

This isn’t the only recent case of how something posted on social media sparked outrage and an investigation. A grandmother in Ohio landed in hot water after posting questionable images of her granddaughter. One of those images showed a pacifier duct taped to the little girl’s mouth and another image showed the girl in a cooking pot with potatoes. The family was investigated by Franklin County Children Services. The family maintains the images were a joke and they did nothing wrong.

The child’s grandmother Jackie Shears claimed the duct tape was on the baby’s face for ten or fifteen seconds and that they would never harm a child. The baby’s mother has two other children who appear to be healthy and taken care of. Shears added that she thought the photos were cute and were meant to be taken as a joke.