Saleen Unveils Its Tricked-Out Tesla Model S Priced At $152,000

Saleen Unveils Its Tricked-Out Tesla Model S Priced At $152,000
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We reported in January this year that Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S sedan will be the first electric car to get a high-performance makeover from Saleen Automotive Inc (OTCBB:SLNN). Well, Steve Saleen and his engineers showed off their customized version of the Model S on Sunday at the  Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Remodeled Tesla Model S named FourSixteen

Saleen has given the Tesla vehicle full treatment. The modified car has been named FourSixteen. Its price begins at  $152,000 and goes upward of $175,000. However, most buyers won’t have to pay that figure, thanks to the government tax rebates available for electric vehicles. For instance, the modified car will have a starting price of $142,000 in California. That’s still much higher than the standard Model S, which comes at a starting price of $71,000. With Tesla’s car gaining acceptance among the wealthy, Saleen is showing off the potential of personalizing the electric vehicle’s performance and looks.

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Tesla Motors is not involved in Saleen’s remodeling efforts. The FourSixteen sports a modified front-end to make it more aerodynamic. It gives the front of the car an oversized look. Its V-shaped hood directs hot air away from the drivetrain cooling system. There is no significant modification in the electric motor of the Model S, But Saleen has reworked the car’s aesthetics.

Saleen has changed the suspension to enhance cornering agility and upgraded the drivetrain for faster acceleration. Inside, you’ll find a cup holder and a center console integrated into the design. Besides the monstrously large wheels, the FourSixteen has a large carbon-fiber diffuser on the rear end. The Tesla badge has been removed with a Saleen logo.

Saleen Automotive has officially begun accepting orders today. Steve Saleen said yesterday that people were already approaching him wanting to buy one. Once you place an order, it will take 6-8 weeks for the remodeled electric vehicle to be ready.

Tesla shares inched up 0.61% to $263.61 in pre-market trading Monday.

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