Microsoft Is Launching ‘Selfie’ Phone – Are You Ready?

Microsoft Is Launching ‘Selfie’ Phone – Are You Ready?
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is rumored to unveil the highly anticipated ‘selfie’ smartphone on September 4th during the IFA event in Berlin. The Lumia 730 has already been leaked since June.

Microsoft prepares to unveil selfie phone

Yesterday, the company sent a ‘save-the-date’ email asking fans if they are “ready for more?”. The letter O was filled in with a camera lens which prompts speculation the company plans to release the Lumia 730 soon. The phone reportedly is dubbed the ‘selfie’ phone because of the rumored 5MP front-facing camera.

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Although the full lists of specifications for the Lumia 730, it is rumored to feature a 4.7 inch display. It’s also rumored Microsoft is testing Debian Red firmware on the device and it may be a part of the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft to launch 2 new phones

One recent report indicated Stephen Elop showed two new devices running on Windows 8.1 during a closed meeting. The mentioned phones included Lumia 730 (the selfie phone) and the Lumia 830. A notable point: the lens assembly shown in the invite looks a lot like the lens of the purported Lumia 830 that was leaked earlier. Although neither phone will be marketed as a high-end device, these devices will add more bulk to Microsoft’s portfolio.

Despite Microsoft’s failure to capture a significant part of the mobile phone market, the tech giant isn’t afraid of tapping the low-budget feature phone market with another device. The simple Nokia 130 features 2G GSM, built-in FM radio, microSD card slot, 1.8 inch screen with 160 x 128 QQVGA resolution. This basic model doesn’t include ports for hooking up external displays. This phone is also an MP3 player so it will likely appeal to music fans who also appreciate simplicity. The real highlight of Nokia 130 is the ultra low price of $25. It is apparent Microsoft wants to cover all markets.

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