Galaxy S6? Samsung Confirms Another High-End Smartphone

The rumors that a second high-end smartphone, which some have dubbed the Galaxy S6, may come out this year could indeed be true. Samsung management said on the company’s earnings call this past week that they are planning to release two high-end smartphones within the next six months. That’s according to The Wall Street Journal. Of course it’s worth noting that six months could put the release of that second handset as late as February.

Galaxy S6 coming out this year?

One of those high-end smartphones is expected to be the Galaxy Note 4. Samsung typically releases an update of its Note smartphone in the fall some time, and the company is in a race against the clock to beat Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 6. Apple is expected to release a phablet-sized iPhone that could be a big competitor for the Galaxy Note 4.

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The identity of the other high-end smartphone is up for debate, however. Some are calling it the Galaxy S6, although that moniker seems unlikely, as the Galaxy S5 came out earlier this year and the S6 wouldn’t be due until early next year. And then there are the rumors about a third high-end smartphone from Samsung. Some have suggested the name Galaxy F, while others have called it the Galaxy Alpha. It seems more likely that this is the other high-end smartphone that Samsung is planning to release this year.

Expectations for Samsung’s “other” high-end smartphone

Rumors about an even more premium Samsung smartphone have been going around for more than a year. Some have suggested that the Galaxy S6 will have a metal casing, although in general, it seems to be expected that the ultra-high end handset that’s coming this year will be the one that sports a metal backing. Samsung management also said on the company’s conference call that their other planned smartphone will have some “new materials” in it and be available around the globe. They also emphasized that they are very interested in devices that are flexible, although there are no indications at this point whether they are ready to launch a flexible device.

In spite of management’s announcement of “new materials” in the mystery smartphone, there have been reports that the display will be low resolution. That would be a huge disappointment for Samsung fans.