Nvidia Unveils New Shield Tablet For Gamers

NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) just unveiled the Shield tablet computer for gamers. This mobile device was built with high-end features such as the Nvidia Tegra K1 processor that was designed with Kepler architecture, 8-inch full high-definition display, DirectStylus 2 technology with augment touch feature, GPU accelerated 3D painting experience, LTE connectivity, and optional cover.

Nvidia Tablet

A new tablet for gamers

This tablet was designed for serious gamers, so it’s not surprising there are over 400 Shield-optimized games to play with this Android-based device. There are also 11 specialized games for Tegra K1 and more are on the way. A Shield wireless controller was also designed to work with Nvidia’s new gaming tablet. It offers ergonomics, precise low-latency, headset jack supporting audio, support for game chat, volume control, search feature, and voice command.

A look at Nvidia Shield’s key features

This unique tablet also has a lot of firsts for all tablets. This includes PC streaming capabilities, Nvidia GRID Cloud Streaming, Twitch, Nvidia ShadowPlay, and Console Mode. PC streaming capabilities allows users to stream via their desktop computers or laptops. Nvidia GRID Cloud Streaming is similar as it enables users to stream PC gamers from Nvidia GRID.  ShadowPlay lets users capture moments from the game to save and share via Twitch, a video platform community for gamers. Last, but certainly not least, Console Mode to take the game to the big-screen television.

The co-founder and chief executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang explained the Nvidia Shield tablet was designed specifically for gamers. The device offers great gaming experience complete with unique features which enhance the total experience. The Shield tablet comes in two versions including 16GB and 32GB with microSD support. This tablet is now available for pre-order and starts at $299. Accessories for the Shield are also available. The wireless controller retails for just $59 and the tablet cover retails for $39.