Malaysian Government’s Anti-Homeless Rants Against Spirit of Ramadan

Malaysian Government’s Anti-Homeless Rants Against Spirit of Ramadan
peternguyen11 / Pixabay

Ramadan is traditionally a time for Muslims and Islamic countries to focus on helping the poor, giving back to the community, and respecting their families. Don’t try telling that to Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim, who has been blasting homeless people for being free loaders and urging NGO’s to reform how they provide assistance.

According to Ms. Karim many homeless people simply choose to live on the street. She provided an example of providing a low-cost house and work opportunities to a low-income family. Allegedly, the family chose to abandon the home and to go back to living on the street. Apparently the family thought it was more comfortable to live on the streets.

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Ms. Karim was quick to emphasize that the government wants to help the homeless, but also wants to help them get up on their feet. Instead of providing handouts, the government would rather provide cheap housing and jobs. NGOs and others have long charged that many homeless people lack the capacit