Apple Inc. iPad Linked To Nickel Allergy

Apple Inc. iPad Linked To Nickel Allergy
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Apple’s iPad appears to be to blame for a San Diego boy’s rash, according to some reports in the Pediatrics journal. Fox News reports that there have been other cases in which nickel found in consumer electronic devices caused an allergic reaction in people.

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Boy treated for rash caused by Apple iPad

Doctors at a hospital in the San Diego area treated the boy. The dermatologist who wrote the report said the boy missed school because of the rash. Nickel rashes can be quite uncomfortable, although they aren’t life threatening.

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The doctor said although the 11-year-old boy had a common skin problem that causes a scaly, patchy rash, he also developed a second one that covered his body and did not respond to the usual treatments. After testing his skin, she found that he is allergic to nickel.

Doctors said after speaking with his family, they were able to trace the rash to the iPad they bought in 2010. After testing the tablet, they reportedly found a chemical compound that is found in nickel in the outside coating of the Apple iPad. The boy’s parents said he used the iPad every day.

Nickel allergies on the rise

The boy’s doctor said his condition improved after he placed the iPad in a protective case. At this point it’s unclear whether all of Apple’s devices, including all other iPad models, iPhones, and iPods also contain nickel. A spokesperson for Apple told Fox News that they had no comment on the story.

Other consumer electronics devices have also been shown to cause rashes in people with nickel allergies, as have some eyeglass frames, jewelry and even zippers on clothing. Doctors believe nickel allergies are becoming more and more common or that they are simply being recognized more often. The doctor who wrote the article in the journal said now approximately 25% of children who are tested for allergies are allergic to nickel, compared to 17% ten years ago. She also recommended that doctors consider the electronic devices patients are using when they report the problem.

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