Apple Inc. iPad Takes The Lead For Ad Impressions In N. America

Four years after its debut, the iPad is still hot item. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) chief executive officer Tim Cook shared some interesting news from Chitika Insights during Tuesday morning’s conference call.

Apple Inc. iPad Takes The Lead For Ad Impressions In N. America

Apple’s iPad is still in the lead

Chitika Insights took a sample of tens of millions of ad impressions in the United States and Canada. The data was specifically from July 1st to July 7th. It was compared to data from last year and it was found that Apple’s popular tablet computer is in the lead. Last year, the iPad made up for 83.6% of ad impressions. That number fell to 78.0% in 2014 but that number is a little bit higher than April’s 77.2%. Various data from Chitika over the last 18 months show iPad shares ranged from the high 70s to mid-80s.

Apple’s competition in the tablet market

The company’s biggest competitors in the tablet market including Samsung, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Should Apple find a way to create a solid stream of revenue with the usage data, it could generate a nice amount of margin revenue. It is important to point out that it’s a good thing for Apple to have such high rates of usage, however the four quarters of sale numbers have remained relatively flat once the channel inventory changes have been adjusted.

The last few months brought numerous rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone 6 and iWatch, but many are expecting the next iPad tablet. It’s rumored the device will be dubbed the iPad Air and it’s predicted to feature a thinner device similar to the iPad Mini. The company is also rumored to launch another version of the iPad Mini during the third quarter. The smaller Apple tablet is expected to feature a thinner form, A8 processor, and durable Touch ID fingerprint sensor containing tin.