As if notifications from other apps are not enough, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has also started to display annoying notifications on both Android and iOS platforms. These notifications are really not something that most people will find useful, which is why you might consider disabling these Twitter notifications.

How To Disable Twitter Notifications On Your Android/iPhone
So which notifications are we talking about? “Five people you follow just followed this user” or “People are talking about this” type of notifications can be mentioned as examples. If you don’t want to see such alerts any more, then here’s how you can disable them on your smartphone or tablet.

Disabling Twitter notifications: For iOS

The procedure to do this is different on both the platforms. On iOS, open your Twitter’s settings panel and then tap on the account for which you want to change the setting. Keep scrolling down and you’ll then find options for notifications like News, Recommendations, and Other. For some reason, Twitter has decided not to give proper labels, and that’s why it might seem confusing. Go ahead and uncheck these options.

For Android


The settings for Android are kind of hidden. Go to Settings, and then choose the account for which you want to change the setting. Next, tap on “Notifications are ON” which might at first seem like a toggle but tapping on it will present more options. Now, from here, scroll down and uncheck Recommendations, News, Other and any other options that you find annoying.

Once you take these steps, you won’t be bothered again with any of the notifications you unchecked from the list.