Windows 9 Coming Next Year With Plenty Of Fixes [Internal Documents]

Windows 9 Coming Next Year With Plenty Of Fixes [Internal Documents]
By Rugby471 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Chinese leaker FaiKee said a few days ago that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) will release Windows 9 in the second or third quarter of 2015. A newly leaked internal document obtained by Myce reveals the entire schedule for Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9, which are currently under development. A preview of both these operating systems will be released in Q2 or Q3, 2015. That’s in line with what popular Windows blogger Paul Thurrott claimed in January.

Windows 9

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What new things are we going to see in Windows 9?

The leaked document shows that the cloud-based Windows 365 is currently in alpha stage. Reports suggest that it will be a subscription version, where users will get the core OS for free but they will have to pay for additional features. The native Windows 9 is also in the alpha stage. It will bring a number of updates including one user experience, cloud services, changes to the Metro UI, OneDrive, system protection with Windows Defender, and enhanced Windows activation.

Another interesting thing is that the personal assistant Cortana is also coming to Windows 9. These changes and new features suggest that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is addressing most of the complaints resulting from Windows 8. Besides these features, the new version is likely to re-introduce the much-loved Start Menu. Anyway, the Office 2015 is no longer in the alpha stage. The document shows its status as TP-CP1, which means Technical Preview and Consumer Preview 1. It indicates that we may soon see a public preview of the Office 2015.

Why is Microsoft mum on Windows 9?

After the Windows 8 debacle, many were expecting Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to at least announce the possible release date for Windows 9 at the Build conference. But the software giant was tight-lipped. And it didn’t utter a single word on Windows 9 at its TechEd conference. Why is the Redmond-based company mum on the new operating system?

With Windows 8, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) tried to radically reinvent the Windows, and we know the consequences. The company realizes that it must get Windows 9 right when the new OS is released. Otherwise, its loyal customers will start looking for alternatives. So, the stake is really high for Windows 9, and the company can’t afford to take a chance. On the other hand, Windows 8 was a disaster, so the company doesn’t incur much risk by tinkering with it, says Brien Posey of RedmondMag.

Now, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) can experiment, tweak, make major changes, and learn from its mistakes. It won’t lose many customers if a tweak makes Windows 8 worse. In the process, it can apply everything it learns to build Windows 9. The company is making a lot of changes in Windows 8, and many features that were expected to be included in Windows 9 have made their way to Windows 8.1 Update 1, and the upcoming Update 2. All these things indicate that the software giant wants to get Windows 8 right before talking about Windows 9.

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  1. To lay bias to rest, if I am using a tablet for surfing and general leisure activities, 8 is great. 8 is difficult if you’re trying to use it for hard core computing. Just feels clunky on a desktop or a laptop without touch. When multitasking, I often find it difficult to cram enough onto a screen to work efficiently. Windows 8 with it’s oversized “Duplo” interface, large fonts, hidden things I need access to makes me reach constantly for ALT-TAB.

  2. Uh…. you seem to be outnumbered substantially in that opinion. Perhaps it is time for you to re-evaluate what an OS really is. It is not a game, nor is it a web browser, nor an e-mail machine. It’s the thing that facilitates user interaction with all of the above and more, while remaining for the most part transparent, if not taken for granted.

  3. yes I realize that, but the age of pcs are going bye, tech evolves and Microsoft must do the same or we can say goodbye to Microsoft clippy.

  4. It’s a matter of MS force-feeding their “greatest new idea” to the end users of their software. I’ll keep what I have for as long as I can (Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1) and then it will be off to a Linux OS.

  5. well, i dont know of any business that values productivity that would remove the pc/laptop altogether.
    tablets have their benifits, but a pc has its place too. neither one can fully replace the other, its that simple. and when ms treated it as exactly that, it backfired hard. if they listen to their customers (and they should if they value anything) they will appreciate they both require their own OS to make full use of hardware etc. not a limp wristed watered down mobile os for a pc as an example.

  6. what you may or may not see, is that tablets are tablets and not pc’s. so why should pc users have a watered down os thats tailored for tablets?
    if there are no windows tablets, i cant see alot of public sadness based on current market uptake.
    plus, they are both different devices for different uses. forcing one on/in the other is not wise. – as seen

  7. please point out where I was being rude about another opinion.
    Pointing out that the OS isn’t selling well, is being rejected in several sectors and being panned by critics is not being rude…and the fact that you felt the need to include “his first post was accurate to ME” shows you are the one with the issues when it comes to opposing opinions.

  8. Because people skip Windows Operating systems and they do not keep Windows O.S. up to date. Computer makers that do not have full expertise in computing devices like Sony were more likely to get out of computer business than ever before if people don’t want to keep Windows up to date. The only compelling reason to move out of Windows 7 to Windows 8 is to keep your computer fully protected from cybercrime and by using newer Windows versions to ensure maximum cybersecurity.

  9. Will people give Microsoft a chance if they get Windows 9 right or they
    will consider other operating systems for desktop or laptop computers or
    get rid of desktop or laptop computers at home or offices?

  10. why would they get windows 9 right when they can screw it up and release windows 10 a year later and get another 300 bucks from everybody and then windows 11 the year after that

  11. what people don’t realize is that windows 9 can’t look like windows 7, tablets rule and change is needed. if Microsoft went back to the dark ages then, well there would be no windows tablets and so one.

  12. You can argue all you want about whether or not Windows 8 is any good. But the fact remains, most people don’t like it and most people aren’t buying it. And that is all that is important. If Windows 9 bombs then it is strike two and your out for Microsoft. Loyal customers might forgive one blunder but not two in a row.

  13. A couple of things: (1) Let Microsoft take their time and **carefully** do their homework before releasing Windows 9, and (2) Don’t call it Windows 9. If it turns out to be a dog, you just know that people will be calling it Windows Asinine and it will be another marketing nightmare for Microsoft!

  14. I did 4 XP PC’s D.L. last year and for 40 $ each how could I lose only it was sent as a 32bit so for 15$ more you got both 32 & 64 Disc by mail. Come On 64 Bit Pro W8 for 55 $. And what a Difference now I can load 8-16 Gigs of Ram compared to the 3 1/2 Gigs XP produced. You could even buy W8 Pro 64 for 70$ and D.L. later which I did built 2 New PC’s last month and they loaded with 8.1 you were a FOOL if you didn’t take the 40-55 $ offer I have had NO problems once I LEARNED how to use W8 there not the SLOW XP’s anymore like Having all New PC’s I did change the HD to 64 and 10,000 rpm also in the DL.

  15. So Windows 9 is going to look, act and feel like Windows 7 for the most part. And Microsoft thinks the whole progression from 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 9 is a good and worthy thing? I’ll just keep 7 and let 9 play catchup. Yeah, yeah 8 is technologically superior to 7. For 99.99% of the non nerd population that little fact is both unimportant and lost in the small print they never read. If Microsoft were to wise up and give away 9 to current 7 users I might try it. If they sell it, well, again … I’m not buying it.

  16. Win 3.x was the first _good_ version of Windows. It started the Legend of the Threes, that Microsoft took three tries to make things work. Win 1 stunk. Win 2 stunk worse. (I’m serious. They literally couldn’t give it away. Really.) Win 3 worked, but there was room for improvement. Win 3.1 was better. Win 3.1.1 was good. Three tries to get something that worked, three tries to get something good. In direct response to the Legend of the Threes, the first version of Windows NT was Version 3… which, of course, stunk up the place. It wasn’t until Win NT 5, a.k.a. Windows 2000, that NT was good. That’s actually _four_ tries: NT 3, NT 3.5, NT 4, NT 5. Win XP is officially NT 5.1. Vista was NT 6. Like Win 8, it worked quite well _if you had the right hardware_. I never had any problems with it, because I followed the Rule of Two: double whatever Microsoft says is the minimum required hardware. They said 1 GB of RAM, I had two, later three, then four. They said 1 GHz single-core cpu, I had a 2.2 GHz dual core. Much of the howling about Vista could have been avoided by just cranking up the hardware, just as much of the howling about Win8 could be avoided by just using touchscreens with it. The problem with cranking up the hardware, of course, is that most people aren’t going to toss out perfectly good, still working, systems just because they don’t work with the latest Microsoft stuff. I know that I’m not about to do that.

    And all those people screaming about how Win8 is the worst ever, they obviously never went near WinME. Or NT3. Or Win2. Or, worse, Microsoft Bob. The only reason why the project manager for Bob survived is ’cause she’s married to Bill…

  17. Oh, I’m pretty sure that he meant an actual YouTube video.

    Win8 works well on proper hardware, it just needs a touchscreen.

    Personally, I have Win7 systems for a lot of things, Macs for others (I’m typing this on a Mac right now) and a Linux box as a server. The only Win8-centric systems I have are my Asus, dual-booted Win7/Win8 and usually kept running Win7, and the Surface. There simply isn’t a whole lot of Windows stuff out there which can’t be done better with Win7 than Win8. Or, at least, there isn’t a whole lot of things which _I_ do which can’t be done better with Win7 than Win8. This may change with time… but I doubt it. It’s a _lot_ more likely that I’ll be moving things to Mac and/or Linux than it is that I’ll be going Win8, or, if the cloudy stuff is for real, Win9.

  18. no dramas,

    yea i installed classicshell 4.1.0 on win8.1 at work (we are deploying it) for the record i advised against it in case that wasnt obvious lol

    a great way to make it bearable at best, the fanboys go on about start8 etc for $5 and while its true it helps alot, we shouldnt have to make 3rd party adjustments to something that was clearly the mainstay of windows since win95.
    it was literally as simple as:

    pc/laptop = desktop specific OS
    tablet = tablet/touch centric OS

    one thing that gripes me, is the fact they ignored their main market with the release of it, and the start ‘button’ was more of an insult than a benifit.
    its pretty clear they are on the backfoot of tech and are clutching at ways to keep business, but i cant believe a co so large can think customer retention is about forcing/locking in customers. its about choice and options.
    at least to me.

    they went for a one size fits all, and ended up with a spork…

  19. Note: Cortana is a reference to Microsoft-owned video-game series Halo. This could allude to a virtual reality AI on Windows 9, similar to Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S.

  20. I’m glad that you see it the same way that I do. It looks to me like MS could be on the way out, it’s still too early to tell for sure, though.

    My latest computer arrived with Windows 8 pre-installed (a complete surprise to me) and a slightly earler one showed up with Windows 7 Ultimate pre-installed.

    I’ve modified the Windows 8 to emulate Windows 7 Ultimate as much as I can and, unless things change, that’s about as far as I’ll be going with MS.

  21. It’s stable as hell. It’s just the UI that’s a hassle – and should be used as a case-study in corporate level mismanagement.

  22. windows blows it on every other release (WinMe, 2000, Vista, 8) and then they fix it in the next version (XP, 7, probably 9). the ball is in their court and a 15 year pattern shows they’ll pull the rabbit out of the hat in his version. we’ll see, but i’m not worried. balmer is gone, they’re listening to people again.

  23. I hate W8 because it gets in the way of getting work done. I don’t want or need a cellphone interface on the computer that I use to write books or for project management jobs. Faster doesn’t mean a thing if the rest of the OS gets in my way. So stop with the MS Fanboi stuff – there is good reason to hate W8 and it has nothing to do with not liking change. I’ve been in the computer industry since 1985 and I’ve seen lots of change. If MS keeps trying to force unusable and/or unpopular features on its customer base, it is going to lose customers. That’s how it works Byron, MS puts out bad product, customers go away.

  24. The control panel is not hidden. Right click on the start button. It has the control panel and every other power user control you could possibly want in one spot. That right click menu is possibly the greatest thing Microsoft has ever done for power users.

    If you want to access the control panel through the start screen go ahead. It’s not hard to find in the Apps list or just type ‘control’.

  25. So being rude about another opinion is only reserved for you then. I happen to agree with Byron Heapes. And the fact you guys decided to attack his post instead of making one yourselves reflecting you own opinions, you decided to start shredding him. His first post was accurate to me, after that you could tel where he got annoyed at the ‘majority’s’ opinion as you put it. Does it mater that there are less who think 8.1 is quite good. Just because there are more whiners doesn’t make it a universal opinion and he is entitled it as you are to yours. Only he was rude about it.

  26. “It remains a fact, repeated by Microsoft themselves on numerous occasions, that Win8 is optimized for for touch screens”

    I think you just nailed the argument on the head. This does not mean it is specifically designed for touchscreen, and as an OS without metro is a fairly excellent Operating system.

    “And you still haven’t pointed out the YouTube video with the 90-year-old which you were ranting about.”

    I believe he is simply demonstrating a metaphor for all those oldies that were glued to XP being perfect and now windows 7 is the perfect one. Youll find 9 will come out and the same will be said for 8.1. People just need something to bitch about i suppose

  27. I agree Byron Windows 8.1 is actually really quite good and runs pretty well on my old laptop (old crappy VAIO with 3gb of ram i use for work). I hate certain things about 8 (improved in 8.1) it actually manages memory and works better (for me ) then 7 did. Then again when I had Vista i tweaked it to run similar to they way 7 did when it came out. I then bought 7 because it was easier then tweaking Vista all the time.

    I think People forget that 7 is a repacked version of Vista which is so hated among consumers. I think what most don’t realize is that when Vistas failure made 7 look a saint (and ignored some of the flaws and they were big, that it had), if 8 didn’t have metro and all the on-line BS like cloud (which I agree is crap) it would be a re-wrapped version of 7 anyway.

    Benchmark and compatibility-wise 8 is FAR superior. Even XP does NOT work better then 8 does, given newer hardware is caters for it, half the PCs i have (4) cannot even manage to install XP. I think people get set in their ways. 1st it was XP was perfect, now it is 7, funny enough since Vista is really is the same OS tweaked and repacked. They cry for different OS but when it IS they don’t like its differences. They cry when features are added that they don’t like but don’t take the effort to, WOW, turn those features off. I for one LOVE 8.1 except a few little things that drive me crazy and a little effort wouldn’t solve.

  28. yea, agreed. ill end up on w7 for a loooong time then. i dont want anything of my OS on ‘the cloud’ or as it should be known.

    ‘servers where i have no idea who is doing what with my data’

  29. With Windows 9, they’re aiming at running everything from “the cloud” and with rental fees. I’d start looking for a good Linux replacement.

  30. Won’t happen. Windows 9 is their attempt to go cloud-based and then to rent access to the OS, Office apps and everything else. It’s gonna fly exactly like a brick does.

  31. They’re trying to orient it towards a cloud-only setup. That’s going to float the same way as a concrete brick floats in the air above your PC.

  32. I believe it is time indeviduals and other companies, to start creating or improving existing (other) OS, because windows 8 is a downfall, not even direct x 12 can help it. And windows 9 sounds even worse than ever. We need something new and different from microsoft… If microsoft wont roll back to windows 7 style. As for the online part, its stupid…. subscription based OS… lol

  33. some one i know said this windows 3.1 sucked 95 was good 98 was bad XP was nice Vista was crap 7 was sweet 8 is hell so 9 will be the best windows ever made

  34. Interesting. And here I was thinking that I’d been using Windows since Win 286… So, I’ve hated Windows all these years. Tell me more…

  35. It remains a fact, repeated by Microsoft themselves on numerous occasions, that Win8 is optimized for touchscreens. It works quite well with them. It has _severe_ problems when used on systems without touchscreens, not least because of the way that items such as the control panels are hidden away… and, yes, even on the desktop.

    And you still haven’t pointed out the YouTube video with the 90-year-old which you were ranting about.

  36. I forgot how biased sites like these are against W8. I can see not liking modern, but denying that beyond that it is perfectly functional to pretty awesome compare to Windows 7 is just too much. Its popular to hate, so you hate it. Meanwhile IRS basically the OS you claim is profoundly better.
    But it shouldn’t be too shocking. Its cool to hate MS.

  37. “Microsoft wants to get Windows 8 right before talking about Windows 9”

    guess windows 9 will never arrive then lol

    in all seriousness though, if they actually do learn from win8 mistakes and their marketing/forced hand approach etc. then win9 ‘could’ be good.
    its all academic at this stage but anything is possible.

  38. looking for alternatives?? I would lose Windows in a heartbeat if the Software industry would start making their stuff compatible w/ something other than Windows & Mac…………….I don’t know…. Linux perhaps!!!!

  39. Get Windows 8 right? They should just give every Windows 8 customer a
    free update to Windows 9 as an apology for W8. If Android would make
    their operating system complete so you don’t get stuck with messages
    like this page page or video doesn’t work on your operating system
    errors. And if computers were full feature and not just slimmed down
    Chrome books. I want a optical drive and a hard drive 1T instead of 16
    or 32 GB. I would ditch Windows out the window. Are you listening
    Microsoft and Google? Give people what they want or they’ll find it

  40. Which YouTube video are you talking about? I didn’t see him mention any such thing. I know that _I_ haven’t seen any YouTube videos of ’90 year old women’. I also know that I have an Asus laptop with Win8.1… and with Win7 dual-booted. And I usually use Win7 because I can actually get work done on it.

    And, oh, by the way… heaping on insults such as ‘stone age’ and ‘dumbass’ and ‘hiveminded sheep’ ain’t at all likely to win you friends. Win8 has its advantages… if you have a touchscreen. I don’t, not on the Asus. I also have a Surface… and Win8 is _beautiful_ on that, because _it has a touchscreen_. Win8 is simply a disaster on devices which don’t have touchscreens. Them’s the facts, whether you like them or not.

  41. I built a $2500 PC from the ground up, and have been on windows 8 since before your opinion was set in stone by a YouTube video of a 90 year old women. Windows 8 does have flaws but its basically more efficient Windows 7 with some excellent improvements. Its easy to hate because your afraid of the scary new “modern” start menu, but those of us out of the stone age aren’t bothered with losing a feature we don’t need anyway.
    The only casual here is the dumbass who hasn’t likely used Windows 8 on their own PC and just let a (bad) YouTube video sway you like the typical internet hiveminded sheep that you are.

  42. Welcome to the minority. Windows 8 is second only to Windows ME as the worst OS in history. Only computer casuals think its even OK, everyone else from the business sector to those that use their PCs for more than just web browsing and social media browsing know it for the horrible thing it is.

  43. “It will bring a number of updates including one user experience, cloud services, changes to the Metro UI, OneDrive, system protection with Windows Defender”
    1. cloud services, something a OS does not need to provide as we can get that if we want it NOW with ANY OS. Knowing MS they will try to integrate this and force their on us.
    2. WE DONT WANT THE METRO UI…AT ALL…its a god damn mobile device UI. This thing is one of the most complained about things of Windows 8.
    3. OneDrive.again…not something an OS needs to provide as its already available to the FEW that want it. And few want it for a reason.
    4. Windows Defender is not good system protection.
    5. One user experience…keep this crap off my PC and stop treating my PC as if its a Mobile device and stop treating my mobile devices like its a PC. They are two very different things, used for very different reasons and NO, you trying to make them the same is doing nothing but make BOTH OF THEM WORSE.

  44. Windows 8 is great, even if it has minor issues (that get blown out of proportion constantly!) so a new and improved one will be welcome. Curious to see how the business model works out to, could be interesting.

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