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My third and final subject is the Inclusive Capitalism conference in London.  Thomas Picketty has set the progressive movements a twitter with his book about the destructiveness and unfairness of capitalism.  It is widely hailed as the basis and justification of further confiscation of wealth and redistribution from the private sector. It was headlined by people such as Larry Summers, Christine Legarde of the IMF, Bill Clinton, Mark Carney of the Bank of England, Banksters, Main stream media, progressive academics, pundits and numerous high profile crony capitalists.  In other words, the predators and socialists who game the system for themselves and against your interests and anyone who is not as connected as they are.  Who is the sponsor of the conference you ask?  None other than the Rothschilds!  It is the group that Bastiat speaks of in his previous quote.

Well, it is clear they have run out of other people’s money and are all patting themselves on the back and justifying the next round of takings for the good of the people and in the name of Fairness.  The definition of fairness in the modern world is what the definition of SLAVERY used to be.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anyone who is familiar with SERFDOM in the Middle Ages knows today’s version freedom of democracy is far worse.   Serfs paid 25% of their income as taxes; in the developed world welfare states it is now approaching 50 to 80% (all types of taxes, fees, etc.) depending on the country. These people are not serving you; they are preying on you as a group.  Please wake up.  Keep voting them out whether they are from the left or the right.  Think of them as the organized crime families: Gotti’s and the Gambino’s who fight turf wars known as elections to see whose special interests get the front row carving up the private sectors in their respective fiefdoms known as countries.

In closing, did you enjoy these brief vignettes?  I could have written a dozen vignettes on other subjects about the events of this past week in my Daily Exercises section, and will include several over each week going forward on my new Blog: .  They include:  Unfolding late stage Currency and financial system extinction event in Venezuela and Argentina, The new Cap and Trade bill decreed by the EPA and executive branch BYPASSING congress,  A constitutional crisis is in full roar in the US and NO ONE is reporting or noticing it, and The turning tides of Eurozone periphery debt markets and more.

Insanity reigns supreme throughout the developed world as elites scramble to preserve their systems which are malignant and unreformable.  Unreformable because they REFUSE to consider reform of the welfare state and LEVIATHAN government with themselves at the wheels of power over others.  In fact, the inclusive capitalism conference is just the SMOKE signal of the next leg of confiscation of freedom and property by the elites.  Disguising and presenting their actions as virtuous to the useful idiots that their public school systems have created.  Each day, I recommend readings to sharpen your understanding atOver Ty’s Shoulder on the blog that you won’t want to miss.

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