Snapchat Trumps WhatsApp For Top Messaging Apps In U.S.

When it comes to messaging apps, Snapchat win hands down over another popular messaging application WhatsApp. According to network traffic specialist Sandvine, Snapchat is in the lead and continues to generate more traffic than other competing services.

Why Snapchat reigns supreme

Sandvine conducted research from monitoring traffic networks across mobile and fixed carrier customers. This just reinforces the fact both video and media services are at the heart of data network usage. Snapchat shows that goes beyond the app’s popularity and basic service. The application’s utilization of photo and video sharing features really brings the mobile social experience to life.

Facebook drops two mobile applications

The competition for mobile based social media apps are intense. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently ditched Poke and Camera apps as neither of the app proved to be popular. The Poke app was initially designed to be an alternative to Snapchat. It first launched in December 2012 but it received negative reviews from the start.

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Camera app was also removed. However, the landing page for the smartphone app still appears active. Nonetheless, the app’s benefits have shrunk and since Facebook’s centralized app now offers pretty much everything the camera app initially provided. Such enhancements include filters, multiple photo sharing capabilities, and a more complex tagging system. Despite the fact Facebook took the two unpopular applications down, the company still plans to create alternative products with their Creative Labs team.

Snapchat is the one to watch. The popular photo messaging app has been teaming up with third parties to put up more content and diversify the app. A recent partnership with NowThis News is just one example of Snapchat’s ongoing efforts. Mobile startup NowThis News is based on short viral news clips. The partnership between the firms is not exactly known, but it is speculated that NTN wants to distribute the news via social media applications. Users can share clips via Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). Snapchat will likely be the next social media avenue to get a piece of the pie.