Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Buys GreenButton To Boost Azure Business

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Buys GreenButton To Boost Azure Business
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has acquired the firm GreenButton, which specializes in big computing systems and managing workloads in the cloud. This latest acquisition would help its Azure business. Through GreenButton, Microsoft is looking forward to increasing Azure’s market share in large analysis and big computing power.

On its blog, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) mentioned that the technology can be used in various areas, including business, pharmaceuticals, science and engineering.

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To be integrated into Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure General Manager Mike Neil said that data, along with incredible computing power, is transforming ways of doing business, and customers across every industry are realizing the possibilities.

“Entire genomes are being analyzed to develop new drugs. Financial and insurance models are being built to prevent risk. Immersive entertainment is being brought to life in jaw-dropping ways.”

Neil added that for every scenario, customers need assistance in processing huge amount of information and running compute-intensive simulations to know what is possible, simply and easily. So to resolve this critical and growing need, the company was happy to acquire GreenButton.

Executives at Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) made it clear that GreenButton’s service will not be available to new customers. Instead, a new service which will be integrated into Azure will be launched. Neither party has disclosed the terms of the deal.

What GreenButton does

GreenButton simply wrote on its website that the firm, which was established to handle special effects on The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, is now no longer accepting new customers.

The statement further reads that the company is happy to say that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has acquired it and it will become a part of the Microsoft Azure family of cloud services. It was further mentioned that customers will be offered assistance to access almost unlimited computing power for batch and high performance computing in the cloud.

GreenButton offers massive computing power to industries that can use the cloud to run compute-intensive workloads without any recording. The company has designed various integrations with existing software products that allow them to offload their compute-intensive workloads to the cloud.

According to its mission, GreenButton help users “move your workloads to the cloud with our specialized PaaS” (platform as a service). The company’s most popular product is GreenButton Cloud Fabric, and it also offers a software development kit.

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