iPhone 6 And iOS 8: What’s The Latest News

iPhone 6 And iOS 8: What’s The Latest News
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There is little question that the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 is one most eagerly anticipated smartphones of all-time. Pretty much any Apple device generates a huge amount of street buzz, but the rumors and indications coming out of Apple’s Chinese supply chain suggest that this Apple smartphone will be effectively a reboot of the hugely popular device. So all Apple fans have their ears to the ground at the moment; seeking the latest gossip of this forthcoming handset.

Bloomberg muses on iPhone 6

The expectation surrounding the iPhone 6 is such that the Bloomberg television channel ran a speculative feature recently looking at how the forthcoming Apple device might look when it is released. Most sources in the know believe that Apple might put the iPhone 6 out around September time, although there has been no official word on this, or for that matter on any other aspect of the iPhone 6.

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Discussions on Bloomberg focused initially on the size of the device. Bloomberg correspondents repeated the assertion which has been made previously that this will be the slimmest smartphone to hit the market thus far. It was also stated there is a realization within Apple that the company needs to produce larger handsets. This is very much in line with reports emanating from the Apple production line which suggest that at least one of the iPhone 6 models will be in the phablet category.

With the recent shadow of the acquisition of the Beats brand looming over them, Cory Johnson of Bloomberg asserted that the pieces are actually being moved into position nicely for Apple to have a very successful year with the iPhone 6.

Apple has already disclosed very encouraging sales and financial figures in the last quarter, and Johnson opined that the company is well placed to build on those with the release of the iPhone 6. He pointed to the fact that the iPhone 4 still represents 40 percent of the iPhone market, and thus there is great potential for a mass wave of upgrades. Additionally, Johnson cited studies which show that Apple users are more loyal to the brand than consumers of any other smartphone product. So the going looks good for Apple as it stands.

iOS 8 split screen rumors

iPhone 6 And iOS 8: What's The Latest News

Aside from the iPhone 6, there was breaking news regarding the key operating system which the iPhone is certain to use today. A report in the ever diligent 9to5Mac suggests that the new iOS 8 system is likely to make big changes to the functionality of Apple’s tablet computer the iPad by offering a new split-screen multitasking feature. This news has apparently been gleaned from sources close to production and development, so it looks a pretty solid rumor.

The new feature will enable iPad users to run and interact with two iPad applications at once, thus giving the tablet some of the functionality associated with desktops and laptops. It remains to be seen what impact this will have of the iPhone 6, but with the new iOS 8 almost certain to be bundled with the smartphone, we can expect news on this at a later date.

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