Google Now Lets You Track Your Parked Car

Google Now

Google Now recently launched an update that includes a new parking detection feature. The update also includes stand-alone Docs, Slides, and Sheets app as well as revamped Google Play Games feature.

New automatic parking detection feature

The parking automatic detection feature works by marking where the user parks their car. Waze, which is owned by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), also lets users manually set parking spot for a period of time. This works with parking cards. When a card appears on Google Now, the user will see an indicator that shows an approximate location of the car. If a user wants to view locations they parked at previously, they will have to tap/touch previous locations. Location data is secured and it isn’t shared with anyone else.

Other features in the update

Another handy new feature with Google Now is improved voice search. This feature lets users navigate certain phone settings with just their voice. TechHive elaborated more on the features with the following, “Arguably some of those features are not entirely useful, since toggling Wi-Fi and Airplane mode is always available from the notification pull-down. But if you need to navigate to your volume settings or change your display brightness you’ll find this feature a little more useful.¬†Next up is a new reminders list that makes it easier to differentiate upcoming and past reminders by setting them off in different blocks. Previously, your Google Now reminders were just one long list with “Past” and “Upcoming” headers in bold.”

Google Music was also updated with version 5.5 which offers editing and sharing capabilities for playlists in the application. Prior to this update, users could edit and share playlists exclusively through the web.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s latest updates are beneficial for users who want more from the Android experience. It also gives the company even more against competition.

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