Flappy Bird Developer Teases New Game Screenshot

Flappy Bird Developer Teases New Game Screenshot

Dong Nguyen, the man who didn’t want to remain in limelight, and pulled his mega-successful game from the App Store has now tweeted a screenshot of the new game which he’s been working on. Based on the screenshot, the game looks quite similar to the original Flappy Birds game.

Nguyen announced the game on Twitter, saying “I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while.” It seems like the Flappy Birds creator wants us to forget about the Flappy Bird, but only for a while. The name of this new game has not been announced yet, nor has any information on when this game is going to be released. The screenshot only shows a small character jumping between two obstacles, so it’s hard to draw real conclusions. For now, it’s not clear whether the new game will be an endless runner game or not.

Flappy Birds has become the most popular free game

Nguyen has already announced that Flappy Bird would return to the App Store in August, and with support for multiplayer. The original Flappy Bird game was so popular that many similar clones were rushed to market, and some are still available in the App Store. However, most fans of the addictive game are eagerly awaiting Dong Nguyen’s next game.

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In a very short time, Flappy Birds has become the most popular free game and gained much popularity. The developer earned a large chunk of change fromthe ads displayed in the game, but then Nguyen said he didn’t want to remain in the limelight and pulled the game from iOS and Android’s App Store.

Now, almost a year later, this is the first time that the developer revealed a screenshot of the new game he’s been working on. He must be really be busy, working on this new game as well as releasing an updated Flappy Birds with multiplayer support. Will this new game be as addictive as the Flappy Birds? Only time will tell, but given Nguyen’s past success, the odds are good it will be a hit.

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