Americans Confidence In Big Business to Create US Jobs At All Time Low

Large corporations do a good job of creating new products and technologies, but do a poor job of creating good jobs for Americans or growing the US economy, according to a new study from Gallup.

US residents say big business best at creating jobs in other countries

Large corporations do a good job of creating jobs for citizens in other countries, according to 66% of respondents to the Gallup study, but they do a poor job of balancing the best interest of the US and Americans with the best interests of the company, a majority say.

The recently released study was based on a survey of 1005 US adults conducted April 30 to May 1.

The poll shows Americans have a less than positive attitude regarding “big business” as opposed to small business, with Gallup noting that just 22 percent of people in previous polls saying they have a “great deal” or quite a lot” of confidence in big business.   The rating was the least amount of confidence in big business in Gallup’s history amid a backdrop where US firms continually ship jobs overseas, use foreign nations as a tax dodge and as many corporations publicly state their desire to put corporate profits ahead of all else.

US Jobs

US residents positive regarding big business ability to create new products, new technology

While Americans question the corporate loyalty of US firms to the nation in which they grew to achieve such amazing success, they are positive about “big business” in other areas.  While developing new products and technologies is highly cited as positives, other areas where large corporations received “good” ratings was odd.  Gallup cited as positives for large US corporations their contributions to creating a sustaining jobs overseas.  Thus, the only areas in which large corporations were deemed “good” or better by US respondents to the survey was in developing new products and creating jobs and assisting in community development outside the US.

“Clearly the public is skeptical of the benefits provided by America’s large companies for their home country or the people therein — even while conceding that these organizations create new products and technologies and help the countries overseas where they operate,” Gallup said in a statement.

Americans positive on small business to create US jobs

While US residents are largely negative on contributions big business make to retaining US jobs, previous Gallup research shows confidence in small business.  65 percent of respondents have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in small business, against a backdrop where only 22 percent of Americans say the same regarding big business..