Twitter Testing Notifications In Web Browser [REPORT]

Twitter Testing Notifications In Web Browser [REPORT]
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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been testing several new features to make its platform more engaging to new as well as seasoned users. Reports surfaced earlier this week that the microblogging company is planning to roll out at least 15 different ad units. Now, TechCrunch reports that Twitter is trying to improve the desktop experience with web notifications. The San Francisco-based company said that the new feature will allow you to “receive notifications in your web browser.”

It will give Twitter more parity between desktop and mobile experiences

Michael Wester from Holland first noticed the new feature, when it popped up on his test account. Initially, it wasn’t an active feature, and appeared as a “currently disabled” option in the settings. Though the tab with the option has disappeared, he said the URL for the new feature works for him on Firefox and Chrome. It’s not working on other browsers.

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If and when the feature goes live, it will give Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) more parity between its mobile and desktop experiences. The company has long been trying to achieve this with redesigns and new features. It already allows users to get push alerts for tweets. On the desktop, users can get email notifications, and some real-time alters on Safari for Mac. But on popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome, users have to depend on third-party extensions for real-time notifications.

Twitter needs to keep users engaged

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) will report its Q1 earnings on April 29. The company is under pressure to increase its user base rapidly, which totaled at 242 million users last quarter. Twitter has about 184 million mobile users. Time spent on the site and user engagement are important to attract advertising. Offering a notification system to desktop users is a good way to keep users coming back to the site. Mobile users get a pop-up alert wherever they are. The company may also use it for sponsored tweets.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) shares jumped 2.18% to $42.69 at 12:42 PM EDT on Wednesday.

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