Shooting At Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse [REPORT]

Shooting At Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse [REPORT]
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A shooting has been reported at a Federal courthouse in Salt Lake City. The reports, which emerged in the Salt Lake Tribune and other local media outlets this afternoon, said that police responded to a reported shooting at the courthouse at 400 South and West Temple in Utah’s Capital at 9:55 a.m local time.

At time of writing there were not reports of anyone being shot in the incident. At the time of the reported shooting the trial of Siale Angilau was taking place inside the courthouse. U.S. Marshals, who are entrusted with the security of Federal courthouses, were on the scene with police according to the reports.

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Update: 17:33 EST:According to the Salt City Tribune a defendant at a trial attempted to stab a witness with a pen. A Federal Marshal on the scene proceeded to shoot the attacker. the courthouse was in lockdown according to reports, and the lockdown was set to last for another three hours or so.

Federal Court spokesperson, Melody Rydall told that one person was injured in the incident. The attack took place inside the courtroom of a Judge Campbell. The case being tried was a Federal Rico case against the gang Tongan Crips, with defendant Siale Angilau at the center of the proceedings. 

Reports suggest that one of the alleged members of the gang being tried in the case attempted to attack a testifying witness. One man, who was apparently the attacker, was taken from the courtroom on a stretcher according to police. Local media had not, at time of writing, clarified whether the case involved multiple defendants or whether Siale Angilau was the sole person being tried today.

According to reports jury selection in the case was set to begin today. Siale Angilau is apparently the last alleged member of the Tongan Crips to be tried in the ongoing Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act trial. Seven men were convicted as part of the same case in 2011.

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