Power Up Your iPhone, JUMPR Start Your Car

This is the Swiss-Army knife of chargers, but rather than coming equipped with a tweezers that will invariable be lost and a magnifying glass, this pocket size charger can get your car started with ease. I’m not knocking the Swiss Army knife, but these days I find myself in need of something that can charge my phone and tablet considerably more than an four-inch wood saw. The Swiss Army knife also doesn’t have a built-in LED flashlight like the JUMPR, though in its defense it has both a corkscrew and a bottle opener which are handy.

Power Up Your iPhone, JUMPR Start Your Car

It truly is portable

Weighing only 7 ounces with a length of 5.5 inches, its perfect for the backpack, handbag, glove compartment, when you’re in need of a reliable charger for your tablets, phones, and other devices. The JUMPR can either be brought to a full charge by micro-USB or what  people use to call the cigarette lighter of the car provided their e-cigs aren’t already using the power source. In order to jump your car, or a standard 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder vehicle, the JUMPR delivers its power with a separate 12-volt 150-300-amp output and the included specialized jumper cables.

Before you Google the danger of a device that produces at both 12 volts and peaks at 300 amps, I’ve already done it. Unless you’re tied to a metal chair with your feet in a bucket of’s pretty safe. That said, I won’t be trying to get on a airplane with it AND the jumper cables any time soon.

Just practical

That reason is two-fold. One, that’s just stupid. Two, the JUPMR has not yet starting shipping. The latter is not actually bad news at all as JunoPower is offering you the chance to pre-order the charger until May 1 for $69.99. After that date, the JUMPR will sell for $89.99.

You don’t have to be a gadget lover or even own a device worth charging to appreciate the safety features of the JUMPR. With the JUMPR plugged into your car and the cables in the trunk you’ll cover a number of potential emergencies involving you and others. Your standard battery charger for the trunk weighs in the neighborhood of 25 pounds.