Hundreds Killed in South Sudan as UN Stands Helpless

Hundreds Killed in South Sudan as UN Stands Helpless

Never again. This was the general statement uttered by Kofi Annan and other world leaders following the Rwandan genocide. Never again, except perhaps when it has already happened. Reports are trickling out of South Sudan that hundreds of people have been killed in the of Bentui. The acts are believed to have been fueled by ethnic violence.

As usual, the United Nations has responded with strong words, condemning the acts. The United States has also called the acts an abomination. Beyong that, however, world leaders have said or committed little. Perhaps worst of all, the United Nations was actively involved in the Bentui region and had camps and assets nearby.

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Reportedly, a World Foode Programme center, which is a part of the United Nations, was attacked and numerous people were killed. The United Nations has managed to protect some 12,000 people at a nearby base and rescued some 500 people from a hospital. Still, the death toll is mounting.

Attacks likely carried out by rebels

South Sudan, which has been an independent country since July of 2011, is on the verge of splintering apart amid