Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Another Non-1080p Title

Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Another Non-1080p Title
InspiredImages / Pixabay

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) has been behind the eight ball in the next gen console battle for quite some time. The origins of this can certainly be traced back to before the release of its own Xbox One and the Playstation 4; they’ve essentially been playing catch-up ever since, making a series of staggering marketing errors when the console was originally unveiled.

Microsoft playing catch-up

Since then, the Playstation 4 has consistently outsold the Xbox One all over the world, as Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) has felt something of a backlash from gamers for some of their initial proposals. Already the price of the Xbox One has been cut in an attempt to cut the sales gap with Sony’s console, and although Microsoft is publicly putting the usual PR spin on the way that the Xbox One has been performing, the reality is that Sony is dominating this generation thus far.

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