Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Another Non-1080p Title

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) has been behind the eight ball in the next gen console battle for quite some time. The origins of this can certainly be traced back to before the release of its own Xbox One and the Playstation 4; they’ve essentially been playing catch-up ever since, making a series of staggering marketing errors when the console was originally unveiled.

Microsoft playing catch-up

Since then, the Playstation 4 has consistently outsold the Xbox One all over the world, as Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) has felt something of a backlash from gamers for some of their initial proposals. Already the price of the Xbox One has been cut in an attempt to cut the sales gap with Sony’s console, and although Microsoft is publicly putting the usual PR spin on the way that the Xbox One has been performing, the reality is that Sony is dominating this generation thus far.

However, one area in which Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) can be commended is with regard to the titles that they’ve got to market. The Xbox One launch line-up was probably better than the PS4, and much is expected of the hotly anticipated Titanfall, which will release tomorrow in North America, and a couple of days later in most other territories, as an Xbox exclusive.

It seems though that Titanfall is to be plagued by another criticism that Microsoft has had to fend off with regard to the Xbox One. The Playstation 4 clearly delivers the more powerful gaming package, and though Microsoft has dismissed the difference between the two and developers are capable of producing similar standard products for both consoles, there is still no denying that Sony’s machine has higher capabilities.

This is reflected in the fact that it’s been reported today that Titanfall will be yet another Xbox One title that won’t ship in 1080p resolution. It has been confirmed by the developers of the title that Titanfall will launch in 792p, although Respawn Entertainment is apparently intending to patch the game up to a higher resolution once it has been released.

There is a lot of debate regarding this issue, with various claims being thrown around about the practical effects of high and low framerate and resolutions. It is often asserted, for example, that there is little difference between playing a game in 720p and 1080p on a high-definition television, but from my experience I would have to emphatically disagree.

Full HD yet to come to fruition

What is certain is that console gamers, and the wider general public, would surely be expecting media to be rendered in 1080p by now. It’s roughly ten years since HD became a mainstream technology, with television manufacturers of the time encouraging us to rush out and buy ‘full HD’ sets. Yet a decade on, 1080p resolution is still not standard. You have to wonder why Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MFST) bothered to include 4K capabilities with this console; there doesn’t seem to be the remotest chance that it will deliver such a resolution, it can’t even handle full HD at the moment.

Regardless of the debate on what practical difference such screen resolutions make, the continual inability of the Xbox One to deliver 1080p gaming, something that was pretty much the norm with the PS3, does not reflect well on Microsoft’s new console. The company itself can dismiss such concerns, but the gaming community has voted with its feet, and is not likely to change its mind based on the evidence we’ve seen from this console generation thus far.

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11 Comments on "Microsoft Xbox One Titanfall Another Non-1080p Title"

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MS hasn’t even passed 4mil yet, so why in the f*ck do you think they’ve sold 5mil?

    Objectively speaking, the XB1 is an incredibly weak “next-gen” console, and the emphatic sales gap between the PS4 is only reflecting that. Take your fanboy hat off for a minute, and stop making excuses for a multibillion company that unsuccessfully tried to cheapass it’s way into the next-gen console war…

  3. Stop reading the sh1t you see on Sony forums or on VGChartz. Sony have sold 6m consoles – MS sold 3.9 million end of 2013. They prob have sold 5m by now. Still a BIG 1m difference right? Do you think MS care? Because the XB1 is $100 more, their income from 5m XB1s is MORE than what Sony get from 6m consoles. And the kicker is Sony NEED the money much more than Microsoft. Sony had a net income in 2013 of $458m – MS had a net income of $22 BILLION. This is why MS can easily reduce the price of the XB1 whereas if Sony did it they would be in serious trouble for the simple fact they HAVE to make a profit on it.

  4. Remind me on what resolution The Order: 1886 will be running at? If the Ps4 was as all conquering as you lot like to think it is, all games would be 1080p at 60fps. Fact is, like the XB1, the PS4 doesn’t have the power to handle it either.

  5. I’ve dealt with it.

    Now do yourself a favour, stop crying, stop saying death with it, and deal with the fact that the XB1 has some fantastic games on it.

    Then maybe you’ll be happier instead of beating a dead horse over this 1080p nonsense.

    Shit is getting tiring and dragging the gaming industry down with all this granny bashing.

  6. The article never mentioned the game is bad. The article is talking about a reality with the xbone and that is the inability to run graphically demanding games at1080p. No one is crying, you have to deal with it.

  7. Give it a break.

    The game is great.

    Stop crying about resolution on a system that you clearly have no intention of ever playing.

  8. mikeslemonadeFromN4G | Mar 10, 2014, 6:01 pm at 6:01 pm |

    It’s more than that. The difference in the resolution and frame rate just shows the prowess and the potential of the PS4 vs the X1. Developers can choose to go lower than 1080p on PS4 but then they will make it up in other areas.

  9. mikeslemonadeFromN4G | Mar 10, 2014, 6:00 pm at 6:00 pm |

    Yep that’s what some people that just don’t get it. It would have to be $299.99 to even stay competitive after year 1.

  10. if they don’t cut the price and separate the kinect they’re going to lose. 299.99 or 349.99 is a great price minus the kinect. cause that’s probably what the consoles worth given the lack of power.

  11. totally agree we did 720 P all last generation the new consoles should clearly be able to do 1080 P like the ps4. there really is no excuse why this new generation cannot do it and clearly Microsoft cannot do it. plus it’s $100 more expensive . why would anybody in their right mind pay $100 more for a console that is significantly weaker. Makes no sense.

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