Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Tragedy: Why Did The Plane Crash?

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Tragedy: Why Did The Plane Crash?
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The Malaysian government has gone on record stating that there is no possible way anyone survived the recent Flight 370 tragedy. While the airplane is still missing, the last received tracking data showed the plane far out into the Indian Ocean and well outside of the range of any potential landing sites. The plane itself has not been located, but the Malaysian government believes that the results are conclusive: the plane crashed and all aboard were lost.

The search for the missing aircraft will continue, though the resources dedicated to the search may slowly be drawn down. Regardless, figuring out why the plane crashed in the first place is now essential for ensuring the safety for airline passengers around the world.

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Questions remain in why the plane crashed

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash is perhaps the most enigmatic in history. Airplanes rarely crash mid-flight but instead during landing and take off when the risk of pilot error is at its highest. When planes do suffer extreme emergencies mid flight it is usually due to extreme weather conditions and/or catastrophic mechanical failure.

Flight 370 disappeared during exceptionally clear weather conditions and the tracking data indicates that the plane did not simply drop from the sky. Instead, the aircraft changed its flight course for reasons unknown. The change in flight plan was programmed into the plane’s autopilot system, seemingly by an expert.

Why the plane changed flight path remains a mystery. Some believe that someone attempted to hijack the aircraft, while others believe that some sort of emergency, perhaps an electrical fire, forced the pilots to reroute to a closer airport.

Families release joint statement blasting government

Needless to say, emotions have been running high since the accident. Families are not only upset that their loved ones likely died in the accident, but also about the lack of communication and perceived compassion from the tight-lipped Malaysian government.

The statement accused Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government, and the Malaysian army of being “executioners”. The statement says that the Malaysian government and military tried to constantly delay and deceive families and cheated the “whole world.”

While the letter pointed out that the government was making its assumptions without and direct evidence to prove that the plane indeed crashed and that all lives on board were lost. The message concludes by stating that the families will take all possible means and measures to punish the government, Malaysia Airlines, and the military.

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