Malaysia Airlines Jet Search Continues

Malaysia Airlines Jet Search Continues
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The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight suffered another disappointment on Monday, when a cluster of orange objects spotted by a search plane turned out to be nothing more than fishing equipment. The frustration among families of the missing is growing in the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, which disappeared on March 8th with 239 people aboard.

Multiple objects have been spotted by different search teams in remote patches of the southern Indian Ocean, but none of the objects have been officially linked to the missing plane.

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Another disappointment in the search of Malaysia Airlines jet

On Sunday, terming the sighting as the most promising lead in the search of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Flight Lt. Russell Adams told that the Australian P-3 Orion search plane noticed at least four orange objects, which were more than 2 meters (6 feet) in size. However, on Monday, Jesse Platts a spokesman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said that the objects had been located, and it is confirmed that “they have nothing to do with the missing flight.”

On Monday, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott did acknowledge that the search is incredibly complex, and added “if this mystery is solvable, we will solve it.”

Black box needs to be located asap

In another development, an Australian navy support vessel is scheduled to reach the search area by April 3 to help locate the black box of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. According to Malaysia’s defense minister Hishammuddin Hussein, the vessel will come with equipment that would help the crew to listen the “pings” from the plane’s black box. The vessel will be in addition to the nine other ships and 10 planes scanning the search area for any signs of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Time is of essence now, as black box need to be located soon. It is the only source that could throw some light on what happened to the missing jet. Furthermore, the black box only emits signals for around 30 days, which means that the search team has close to a week left to locate the crucial piece of equipment before it goes silent.

Meanwhile, family members of the 29 Chinese passengers on board of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight reached Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, looking to get answers from the Malaysian government on the information of their loved ones.

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