Glaucus Research Uses Hitler In AAMC Short Crusade

Glaucus Research Uses Hitler In AAMC Short Crusade
Glaucus Research video via Youtube

Glaucus Research Hitler Parody Bunker video on Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSE:AAMC) short.

See the report from Glaucus Research on Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSE:AAMC) here. It is unclear who plays the part of Keitel and Jodl in this saga, video and commentary on the video below.

Published on Mar 19, 2014

This video is satire. Hopefully, that was obvious. All opinions and contents of this video are based on information compiled in an accompanying report and should be considered in conjunction with contents of such report. Please read the accompanying report in full.

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Glaucus Research video via Youtube

We are biased. So are other investors. So is Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSE:AAMC). So is Altisource Residential Corp (NYSE:RESI). So are the banks that raised money for both companies. If you are invested (either long or short) in Altisource Asset Management Corp (NYSE:AAMC) or Altisource Residential Corp (NYSE:RESI), so are you. Just because we are biased does not mean that we are wrong. We, like everyone else, are entitled to our opinions and to the right to express such opinions in a public forum. We believe that the publication of our opinions and the underlying facts about the public companies we research is in the public interest.Obviously, we will make money if the price of Altisource Asset Management Corp stock declines or if the price of RESI stock increases. This video and all statements contained herein are the opinion of Glaucus Research Group California, LLC, and are not statements of fact. Our opinions are held in good faith, and we have based them upon publicly available facts and evidence collected and analyzed, all of which we set out in our accompanying research report to support our opinions. We conducted research and analysis based on public information in a manner that any person could have done if they had been interested in doing so. You can publicly access any piece of evidence cited in this video or that we relied on to create this video and the accompanying report. Think critically about our video and the accompanying report and do your own homework before making any investment decisions. We are prepared to support everything we say, if necessary, in a court of law.H/T LEXANDRA STEVENSON OF DEALBOOK

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