Soros Fund Buys Polycom, WebMD, Unwired Planet


A host of 13G filings by Soros Fund Management yesterday show the status of their holdings on a number of stocks.

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State of Soros positions

Exar Corporation (NYSE:EXAR): Soros holds 4,964,428 shares of this company constituting a 10.46% stake. The company designs, develops and markets high-performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits and advanced sub-system solutions. Soros held 5,950,136 shares as of September 30, 2013.

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Penn Virginia Corporation (NYSE:PVA): Soros’ holding is 5,333,509 shares amounting to a stake of 8.17%. The company is an independent oil and gas company engaged primarily in the exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas liquids (NGL) and natural gas. This holding is down from 6,248,515 shares held on September 30, 2013.

Adecoagro SA (NYSE:AGRO)): With a holding of 25,915,076 shares, Soros’ stake is a solid 21.19% in this holding company primarily engaged through its operating subsidiaries in agricultural and agro-industrial activities in South America. The holding is unchanged from Q3, 2013.

Ciena Corporation (NYSE:CIEN): A holding of 1,643,754 shares makes Soros a stakeholder to the amount of 1.57%. CIEN is a provider of communications networking equipment, software and services that support the transport, switching, aggregation and management of voice, video and data traffic. As of end-September 2013, Soros held 109,275,000 shares.

Essent Group Ltd (NYSE:ESNT): Soros made a new investment in this stock with a holding of 7,548,618 shares, amounting 8.73%. ESNT is a Bermuda-based holding company which through its wholly owned subsidiaries offers private mortgage insurance and reinsurance for mortgages secured by residential properties located in the United States.

Mercury Systems Inc (NASDAQ:MRCY): From a holding of 1,527,766 shares in Q3, Soros has reduced the quantity of shares invested to 844,159, a stake of 2.54%. MRCY designs, manufactures and markets real-time digital signal and images processing sub-systems and software for specialized defense and commercial markets.

New position in Polycom

Polycom Inc (NASDAQ:PLCM): This is a sizable new investment of 9,400,078 shares amounting to a 6.95% stake. The company is a provider of unified communications (UC) solutions and a provider of telepresence, video, voice and infrastructure solutions based on open standards.

Unwired Planet Inc (NASDAQ:UPIP): Soros holds 6,451,979 shares representing a stake of 5.88% in this intellectual property and technology licensing company. The holding is unchanged from September 30, 2013.

WebMD Health Corp. (NASDAQ:WBMD): Soros now holds only 2,772,766 shares, a 6.41% stake in WBMD. The company is a provider of health information services to consumers, physicians and other healthcare professionals, employers and health plans through its public and private online portals, mobile platforms and health-focused publications. As of September 30, 2013, Soros held 286,530,000 shares.

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