Samsung Galaxy S5: How The Heart Rate Monitor Works

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Of all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S5, if there are two things that stand out are the fingerprint sensor, and the heart rate sensor. A fingerprint sensor is nothing new as we’ve seen it previously in the iPhone 5S, but a heart rate monitor is definitely something new in smartphone technology. No company has ever integrated a heart rate sensor into any smartphone, and Samsung has become the first company to do this.

How the heart rate sensor works on the Galaxy S5

Let’s clear up some doubts on how this heart rate sensor works on the Galaxy S5.

This sensor is integrated in the back of the smartphone, and it detects your blood flow beneath the skin. You’ll have to place your finger on this sensor for it to detect your heart’s beat per minute (BPM).

To use this feature, you’ll need to launch the S Heath app (which debuted with the Galaxy S4, but has evolved with Galaxy S5). Now turn your phone back and then place your finger on the center of the flash module. Tap on the Start button from the app.

Now you need to hold your finger in the same place for a few seconds, while holding still, and without talking. The app clearly states to “Do not move or talk” when measuring your heart rate. You’ll now be able to see the result in a few seconds.

However, the results obtained by this way may not give a complete picture, but you can keep on monitoring and comparing your heart rate with previous results. Also, whether or not the results obtained are really reliable isn’t known at this time.

From what it looks like, Samsung has surely given more emphasis on fitness on the Galaxy S5. So what’s next for Galaxy S6? A blood pressure sensor, perhaps!

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