How To Play Flappy Bird On iPhone, Android Or The Web

How To Play Flappy Bird On iPhone, Android Or The Web
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Flappy Bird has remained a very popular game during its short run, but now the game has been taken down by the developer. The game is no longer available in Google’s Play Store and on Apple’s App Store. However, if you’ve installed the game prior to being removed from the app stores, then you can keep on playing the installed game. But if you missed out on the chance to install this game, then here’s an easy way to play Flappy Bird on mostly any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Playing Flappy Bird on any device

There are two ways to try your hands on the game. You can play Flappy Doge, which is a web-based game that replaces some of the graphics of the original Flappy Bird with that of Doge. There’s also an HTML5 based clone to the popular Flappy Bird game, and links to both the web-based games are present at the end of this article.

To play both the games, you’ll need to point your browser to the webpage, and if you’re on computer, then you’ll need to use your mouse clicks to keep your character afloat in the air, and avoid those pipes.

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The game is definitely not that easy to master, and one can get a good score only after some time spent on practice. If you’re on a computer, then you’ll need to keep on clicking the mouse to play it (which is not a user-friendly way to play the game), while mobile users will need to tap on the screen. For now, we’ve left with the only choice to try out the web-based version of the game, until the game returns, which seems to be impossible at this time as the developer is not in any mood to do this.

So if you want to try your hands on this, then check out Flappy Doge from here, and Flappy Bird right here. Note that if you’re on a mobile device, then you’ll need to visit the latter link, as the former link is not compatible for mobile. So go ahead and enjoy the game while you can, and all you’ll need to do this is an active Internet connection.

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