HTC Follows Motorola’s Lead, Now Allows Custom Case For The HTC One

HTC Follows Motorola’s Lead, Now Allows Custom Case For The HTC One
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The rumors of HTC Corp (TPE:2498)’s next flagship smartphone, codenamed the HTC M8, have not stopped yet, and will never stop until the smartphone is officially released, but now it seems that the company is looking for a few more sales out of last year’s flagship smartphone by launching custom colored cases for the HTC One.

These days there’s a trend of manufacturers allowing customization options such as different colors, skins and more. Motorola with their Moto X smartphone comes with 18 different color options, and many other customization options, and Google too launched the all new red Nexus 5, besides white and black variants of the smartphone.

HTC Corp (TPE:2498) too has followed the same footsteps of Motorola, and the company now allows users to customize the HTC One case as per their liking. Users can head over to HTC’s website to customize and select a color of their liking, and create their very own custom case for the HTC One. This colorful case, once customized, can be ordered for $29.99.

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HTC Corp (TPE:2498) allows users to select from six different colors in three different areas. Users can select custom colors for top, middle and bottom section. Once colors are selected, users can then see a live preview of how it will look like. You can then click on the ‘Continue’ button to order the case.

When the HTC One was launched, it offered a double-dipped case offering two different colors. But now you can select from six different colors, for three different areas. That’s some pretty good color options. So if you’re using a HTC One and want to give it a different and personalized look, then this case is a good choice.

HTC Corp (TPE:2498) is also rumored to announce the company’s next flagship smartphone, the HTC M8 (or HTC One Two, as per some rumors) next month. Let’s wait and watch for HTC’s new offering.

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