How Much Time You Have Wasted On Facebook – Calculate Now

How Much Time You Have Wasted On Facebook – Calculate Now

More than 750 million Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users access the social network every day. We all have spent countless hours on the site. But how often do we think about how much time we have spent (or wasted, for many) on the social network? Now you can calculate how much  of your precious time you have wasted on Facebook since you first signed up on the social networking site. On Facebook’s 10th birthday, Time magazine unveiled an app that calculates the time you have spent on chats, wall posts, comments, photos and group activities.

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How the Facebook time calculator app works

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) never tells you how much time you waste on the site because the numbers may send a chill down the spine of many users. Time’s app gives you a reality check and encourages you to stop wasting your time. Go to this link and click on the “NEXT” button of the calculator. The app will request you to provide access to your Facebook account. But don’t worry, it won’t spam your News Feed. It’s completely secure.

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Then the app will ask you how much time you spend per day/week/month on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). An average user spends 17 minutes per day, and that’s default unless you enter your own time. It will take a few moments to calculate the time you have wasted because to goes post-by-post, day-by-day on your timeline until the day you signed up on Facebook. And then you’ll see how much time you have really wasted on the social network.

Is Facebook still good?

To see how much time I have personally wasted on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), I entered 20 minutes per day. I’m not really obsessed with social networks, and I signed up in February 2011. What I found was certainly depressing (image below).


I know I would never get those 15 days back. But again, we are living, breathing human beings, and love the ability to connect with our friends in just a few clicks without wasting a dime. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is certainly one of the most revolutionary technologies of our times. It doesn’t help cure cancer, but it certainly changes the way we connect with one another. In the process, Mark Zuckerberg & company make billions of dollars in profits.

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