Soros Closes Out the Week with Wins on Abercrombie, Emerald Oil


Today’s midday gainers are Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE:ANF), NovaGold Resources Inc. (NYSEMKT:NG) and Emerald Oil Inc (NYSEMKT:EOX). Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD), Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:IDIX) and Five Below Inc (NASDAQ:FIVE) are on the losing end.

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Soros Closes Out the Week with Wins on Abercrombie, Emerald Oil

George Soros gains with Abercrombie and Emerald Oil

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. (NYSE:ANF) is closing out the week on a high note, its price surging +11.35% today. According to his last 13F filing, billionaire George Soros owns 75,000 ANF shares, acquired at an average price of $43.37 each and composing 0.03% of his portfolio.

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Following Abercrombie is NovaGold Resources Inc. (NYSEMKT:NG). Its share price increased +7.13% to $2.80 today. Seth Klarman owns 21.6 million shares of the company, representing 1.44% of his fund. And John Paulson holds 35.8 million shares.

Up +5.77% to hit $7.46, Emerald Oil Inc (NYSEMKT:EOX) occupies the last spot on today’s list. The only billionaire tracked by iBillionare with a position in EOX is George Soros, with 126,000 shares.

Midday Losers

First on our midday losers list today is Sears Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHLD), its price dipping -11.65% to $37.61. Representing 57.92% of his portfolio, SHLD is one of Edward Lampert’s favorite stocks. Another billionaire with a stake in this one is Bruce Berkowitz. He holds 20.7 million assets, acquired at an average price of $59.98 each.

Second is Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:IDIX), the share price of which decreased -7.80% to $6.49. Seth Klarman holds 39.8 million shares, bought at an average $5.41. Klarman has been increasing his position in IDIX since June 2011.

Last but not least is the U.S. retailer Five Below Inc (NASDAQ:FIVE), which dropped -7.41% to $40.26. As of September, guru George Soros owns 41,000 shares, paid for at an average price of $42.42.

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