Windows 9: What Do Users Want?

Windows 9: What Do Users Want?
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) sold out tickets for its Build 2014 conference within 24 hours following the rumors of Windows 9. Analysts, experts and developers will closely follow the much hyped event in San Francisco this April anticipating more details on the company’s next operating system.

As of now, there have been no official words over the features that will be included in Windows 9, but listed below are some of the features that users definitely want to see in the upcoming Windows version:

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Free upgrade and a Metro switch off option

After the disappointing show by the previous Windows version, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) may offer an upgrade to the next version free of cost. The free upgrade would entice the buyers and businesses to go for the Windows 9 machines.

Microsoft lost many loyal fans by introducing a Metro UI. The company will have to work hard to win back those loyal Windows users by offering them a desktop-only mode. In Windows 8.1, Microsoft did try to mend the error by allowing users to boot straight to desktop, but still users need an option to completely switch the Metro off.

Since Windows is used by a large number of people they become the primary target for viruses unlike OS X and Linux, which aren’t as vulnerable. Though Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) regularly comes up with security patches and has Microsoft Security Essentials built into Windows 8, it is not fully secure. In the Dennis publishing tests, the anti-virus missed 39% of malware. Users might expect some improvements in the anti-virus with Windows 9.

Features that rivals have that Microsoft doesn’t

Another feature that Windows lovers have long been waiting for is the ‘Virtual desktop.’ The feature, which is already offered by OS X and Linux, allows a user to keep multiple sets of windows open on one computer.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) could also arrange for an easy restore of Windows in the event of a malfunction. Mac devices can easily reinstall OS X by downloading files from the internet unlike Windows computers, where one has to go through BIOS boot settings.

Windows machines have been notoriously known for burning battery quicker than Mac OS X counterparts. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) may use something similar to Intel’s 2013 Haswell chips, which provide a big jump in battery and presently, can be seen in the latest versions of Ultrabooks. The software giant will have to come up with more power saving features into Windows 9 to overcome the looming competition from next-gen Mac products.

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  1. I agree, Microsoft should offer free Windows and Office upgrades to home users every year. Windows 10 is coming after one year of Windows 9. Businesses get Service updates to Windows 9 for 5-10 years. Consumers get free Windows or office Every year….. Microsoft should encourage OEM’s to make reliable computers with iris pro graphics or iris graphics……..

    Free upgrade is available to customers who use Windows 7 SP1 or higher on computers powered by 2nd generation Intel Core i Series processors, AMD APU’s, Intel processors based on Sandy bridge Microarchitecture………

    Office 365 home premium can stop offering service packs and get updates annually just like Windows for consumers……

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