Martin Luther King Jr. Day: What’s Closed?

Millions of Americans will come together on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Jan. 20, 2014, to honor the civil rights leader through volunteer service.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: What's Closed?

According to Reuters, Church services and tributes will be held across the United States to commemorate King’s 85th birthday on Monday, a federal holiday. At the same time, there is a push for a new monument and possibly a major movie production from director Oliver Stone.

What’s Closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Here’s how the following institutions will observe the day.

Stock Market: NASDAQ -> Closed. | NYSE -> Closed. | SIFMA (Bond Market) -> REC. Close.

Offices – Federal, state, county and city: Closed.

Banks: Closed.

Sanitation: Closed. Collection will operate on a one-day delay, with Friday customers receiving collection services Saturday, Jan. 25.

U.S. Postal Service: Closed.

Libraries: Chicago’s system is closed.

According to Lehigh Valley, Many schools will be closed, although some will be in session for a snow make-up day. Some districts are holding teacher in-service days instead, so check with your local school to be sure. Pennsylvania’s liquor stores will also be shut down for the day.

Most retail stores and restaurants will remain open, however.