Facebook Inc Joins Forces With Fox Sports For Super Bowl

Facebook Inc Joins Forces With Fox Sports For Super Bowl

Social media giant Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is teaming up with Fox Sports for the big Sunday night broadcast. This is part of Facebook’s efforts to incorporate real-time conversations for both news and sport events.

Details on Facebook’s deal

Reuters UK version mentioned, “Fox will integrate content from Facebook into its pre-game television programming, including public comments from Facebook and Instagram users about the football game as well as fan statistics based on collective data from Facebook’s members. The two companies have also created a website that will feature Facebook user data and videos of all the commercials that air during the game.”

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been working hard to compete against Twitter, the microblogging website that’s a huge hit with celebrities. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is also a big hub for various online discussions, something Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) wants to become. This collaboration is an expansion from an existing partnership with Fox from last year.

No need to worry about Facebook

In other Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) related news, the panic derived from the website’s decline in young users seems to be unwarranted. A recent report from Princeton University made the prediction Facebook would lose 80% of their users by the year 2017. They utilized their epidemiological models to make predictions.

Forbes added, “But the research wasn’t peer-reviewed, and wasn’t published in any journal, and you can perhaps see why. Facebook itself did a pretty good job of pointing out the limitations of the researchers’ methodology. And I see another problem with this study: The MySpace ‘virus’ hardly mutated in all the years it infected the world, but the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ‘virus’ mutates frequently. One of Facebook’s greatest strengths is its practice of regularly adding new features and functionality to its site; this both ensures it infects new users, and also makes sure existing users don’t become immune to its charms.”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s future doesn’t look too bad.