What Twitter CEO Dick Costolo learned at Google

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What Twitter CEO Dick Costolo learned at Google (via Pando Daily)

By Nathaniel Mott On December 6, 2013Prior to joining Twitter, Dick Costolo spent two years working with Susan Wojcicki at Google. During those two years, he learned a few things that he would apply to his work at Twitter first as its chief operating…





Costolo: Twitter wasn’t a shit show, it was a victim of its own success (via Pando Daily)

By Michael Carney On December 5, 2013In Twitter’s early days, the company was known seemingly more for its fail whale than it was for offering any clear value as a consumer Web product. During tonight’s PandoMontly fireside chat with CEO Dick Costolo…

Here’s why Twitter’s CEO doesn’t see the company as “the anti-Facebook” (via Pando Daily)

By Erin Griffith On December 5, 2013Twitter’s IPO was in many ways defined by what Facebook’s IPO was not. The company’s pre-IPO acquisition was a nuts-and-bolts adtech company like Mopub, not a shocking $1 billion play for a hot zero revenue…





How Twitter’s CEO closes deals (via Pando Daily)

By Carmel DeAmicis On December 5, 2013Dick Costolo launched his first companies in Chicago, where just like every new founder he had to do the long hard slog of raising money. Almost two decades later came the roadshow to take Twitter public. Speaking…

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