Charles Baldiswieler, CEO of TCW Funds, Resigns

Charles Baldiswieler, CEO of TCW Funds, Resigns

According to an SEC filing dated December 31, 2013, Charles Baldiswieler, CEO of TCW Funds, has resigned. Baldiswieler has served as president, CEO and member of the board of directors of TCW Funds since 2009. He replaced Ron Redell as CEO in late 2009 after an acrimonious board room battle with Jeff Gundlach (who formed DoubleLine Capital).

TCW Funds enjoyed growth and accomplished several milestones during Charles Baldiswieler’s tenure. Highlights of his almost four years on the job at TCW include acquiring Metropolitan West Asset Management last year as well as the successful launches of a number of investment funds.

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TCW Funds acquired by Carlyle in February

TCW Funds was involved in a complex takeover deal with Carlyle Group LP (NASDAQ:CG) that closed in February of this year. A number of other senior TCW executives have left the company over the last few months, so Charles Baldiswieler’s departure was not entirely unexpected.

Charles Baldiswieler bio

The biography of Charles Baldiswieler on the TCW Funds website lists him as joining TCW in 1995. “Mr. Baldiswieler is a Group Managing Director of TCW, President & CEO of TCW Funds, Inc., and directs the U.S. based distribution efforts of both TCW Funds and MetWest Funds through both the Financial Intermediary marketplace as well as the Private Client Services group. He is a Director of TCW Funds and a Trustee for MetWest Funds. Mr. Baldiswieler also directs the marketing and distribution of TCW products to the 401k/retirement market. Mr. Baldiswieler joined TCW in 1995.”

Despite requests for comment, TCW Funds has not commented on Baldiswielers resignation yet.

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