Soros and Icahn Close Out the Week On Top


Daily Gainers

Soros and Icahn Close Out the Week On Top

Today’s top gainer is Magnum Hunter Resources Corporation (NYSE:MHR). The energy company shot up +11.17% ($7.12) after presenting a better-than-expected Q3 earnings report. Billionaire George Soros acquired 250,000 shares for $3.27 last quarter. This position represents 0.01% of Soros’ portfolio.


The second company in our daily gainers list is The Gap, Inc. (NYSE:GPS). The clothing firm rose +8.68 to $41.03 on the heels of a report of solid Q3 earnings. Edward Lampert holds 10.3 million shares, which represent 14.47% of his fund, purchased at $19.49. Ray Dalio owns 82,000 shares (0.03% of his fund). The shareholder paid $33.56 per asset.


Last but not least is Icahn Enterprises L.P. (NASDAQ:IEP). The financial stock is up +8.69%, now trading at $119.85. Billionaire Carl Icahn holds 99.2 million shares, representing 33.56% of his fund. Each asset cost him $64.57.


Daily Losers


Today’s worst-performing stock is Marketo, Inc. (NASDAQ:MKTO), which dropped -4.19% to $34.78. Billionaire George Soros bought 40,000 shares for $21.67 each last quarter. This position represents 0.01% of Soros’ fund.


The second company on the daily loser list is IAMGOLD Corporation (NYSE:IAG). The gold mining firm is down -3.15% and is now trading at $4.47. As of June, John Paulson holds 3.8 million shares (0.12% of his portfolio) acquired for $14.75. Billionaire Ray Dalio owns 210,000 shares, representing 0.01% of his fund. The investor paid an average price of $6.32 per share.


The third and final firm is another gold company, Randgold Resources Limited (NASDAQ:GOLD). The stock dipped -2.90% to $75.01 after presenting a drop in Q3 profits. Again, billionaires Paulson and Dalio have positions in the firm. Paulson holds 6.7 million shares (0.30% of his fund), purchased at $80.96, and Ray Dalio owns 52,000 shares (0.03% of his portfolio), bought for an average $76.47.