Mystery Viral Chinese Photo App Now Available In English

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Mo Man Xiang Ji, a photo-taking and editing app from Hightalk Software, a Chinese app-maker, is now available in English. The photo software garnered attention a couple of weeks back when The Next Web reported on some anomalies in its rankings. The application is called MomentCam, and is available on both Android and iOS.

The software uses a number of tools in order to turn photographs into a comic character. The application doesn’t seem all that useful, and the fact that it was only available in Chinese before this week raised some questions. The app was rising in the rankings on app stores around the world long before the company released an application in English.

MomentCam ranking mystery

According to the original The Next Web report on the application, the application caught on among Chinese customers and those in other parts of Asia. It was being used by celebrities and ended up at the top spot in the app charts in China. The mystery stems from its position in other app charts around the world.

Mo Man Xiang Ji was in sixth place in the United States app charts when The Next Web did their initial report. It was also leaping up the charts in other large app markets around the world. It was at number 57 in the United Kingdom, number 38 in Canada and it came in at number 107 in Germany.

The movements were suspicious, but there was no follow up in the investigation. Mo Man Xiang Ji is a popular application and there is absolutely no evidence of foul play of any kind by the developers behind it. The English version will be available soon so people in the United States will be able to figure out what the fuss was about in the first place.

Chinese application boom

The jump in the rankings seems extremely unusual for an application that does not have an English version. The Verge was never able to find out why the application was so popular in the United States, but it appears that Hightalk Software is capitalizing on the popularity by adding an English version of the application.

There is going to be a boom in Chinese application development as the country becomes saturated with smartphone users. The country’s developers are good, and their apps are sure to make their way overseas in greater numbers in the years ahead.

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