Samsung Galaxy S5 May Feature Metal Frame [REPORT]

Samsung Galaxy S5webandi / Pixabay

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor points towards the possibility of a metal frame. The latest report comes from French tech site, in a blog post of posted images. This post also offered details on the purported dimensions. It is speculated the phone will measure 149mm in height and 72.27mm.

Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 in February

The website also predict Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 in February, a few months earlier than previous reports speculated. The photos of the purported metal frame show some interesting anomalies comparable to the current Galaxy model. The frame shows the camera is located in a corner instead of the center, something most mobile phones feature. The leaked images also show gaps within the metal frame. However, the other physical ports like the volume and power were placed in similar locations found on Galaxy S smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features

Stacy Warden from The Full Signal rounded up the latest rumors in a recent blog post, which speculates Samsung’s next flagship could feature an eight-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. As for the camera, Warden mentions, “While the current Galaxy S4’s 13MP camera is stellar in its own right, it could still use some tweaking to keep up with the camera-fueled competition. Take Sony’s Xperia Z1, for example — that thing features a 20MP camera. And what about Nokia’s crazy 41MP Lumia 1020? Surely, it can’t hurt Samsung to up its game a little where its camera is concerned. And if it does, you can bet it’s gonna be killer, as the Korean smartphone maker consistently wows the crowd in this department.”

Another potential highlight for the next Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Super AMOLED screen with 1080P resolution and a slightly larger size. The pressure is on for Samsung; whether they can live up to those standards remains to be seen.

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