Apple Inc. Lags Behind Rivals In TV Segment

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might have failed to materialize the perfect user interface TV envisioned by the late Steve Jobs to his biographer Walter Isaacson in 2011. Instead of Apple, it is Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s new Xbox One console which is getting all the praise for its media center capabilities, as well as gaming, says a report from the Financial Times.

Rivals moving ahead

“Using voice to navigate around the TV experience opened my eyes to the potential with this experience. Other boxes have tried this and failed,” said Ben Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies, in a review of the console.

Earlier in 2012, Tim Cook hinted a launch of new TV product and the set-top box, which at that point in time was in line with other streaming devices and smart TVs. However, since then the device has been left far behind with competitors racing ahead with better and smarter alternatives.

Microsoft’s Xbox One, as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4, sold one million units respectively within 24 hours of their availability. Recently, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) launched Chromecast, which is priced at $35, and allows users to transfer almost anything from their mobile to their TV. It is compatible with devices that can run Google’s Chrome web browser.

Apple allows its users to perform a similar function through its Airplay, but the function is limited only to Apple TV receiver and devices. Also, Apple TV receiver is three times in price compared to the other set top boxes.

Another major rival of the iPhone maker, Samsung has advised developers to design apps that run on its mobiles and smart TVs. Also, the electronic giant is looking to develop a technology through which users can transfer content like movies onto their tab from Television while leaving the house.

Apple still on sidelines in TV segment

“A more advanced living room play is beginning to look like a growing opportunity for Apple,” says Dan Cryan, digital media analyst at IHS. “The rest of the market has moved on a lot.”

Cryan said that companies like Google, Microsoft and Samsung have a workable ecosystem, which ranges from large display TVs to smaller in-the-pocket devices, but Apple has still achieved limited success in the television segment. The analyst added that it is unusual for the company, which is so widely present in the entertainment segment, to leave one major segment without making any significant efforts.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) recently agreed to acquire PrimeSense for $360 million, the company which provided the technology to Xbox’s motions sensing device, Kinect. Perhaps such acquisitions can take Apple’s efforts to a higher level.

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