Tips For Starting And Marketing A Hedge Fund

Tips For Starting And Marketing A Hedge Fund

Now that hedge funds can finally advertise, they have a lot to think about marketing a hedge fund.

Tips For Starting And Marketing A Hedge Fund

At the same time, the JOBS Act rules could make it easier for additional funds to be formed.

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Before aspiring managers get started, there are a number of key things that they need to consider.

Tips for starting and marketing a Hedge Fund

Ron Geffner, a partner at New York-based law firm Sadis & Goldberg, provided StreetID with five essential tips for starting a hedge fund.

“First and foremost, develop a real budget,” said Geffner, whose law firm represents more than 600 hedge fund managers worldwide.

Second, it is important to understand that a realistic budget “contemplates not only the costs of creating your business but possibly the lack of revenue the principal or sponsor may suffer from for an undetermined amount of time until the business becomes profitable,” Geffner added.

Third, don’t ignore the necessity of service providers.

“Part of that budget is engaging the proper service providers,” said Geffner. “We routinely encounter people who…engage counsel who lack the requisite skill sets and expertise.”