Worker Anxiety Level Still Near 2009 Peak

While data has improved, albeit inconsistently, since the economy escaped the Great Recession, it’s apparent that workers in the U.S. are comforted little and still quite afraid of losing their jobs, benefits, and/or hours. A recent Gallup poll of over 2,000 shows decreases of only a few percentage points in various fears over job security since their peak in 2009. It’s worth noting that the lowest income jobs have the highest fears as the wealth gap continues to widen.

Gallup’s poll found that low-wage workers are among the most frightened, with 44 percent of poll respondents who earn less than $30,000 per year saying they were worried about being laid off. That figure is up 25 percent from 2008 when only 19 percent of low-wage workers expressed the same fear.

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