Galaxy S5 May Feature A Powerful Chipset

Galaxy S5 May Feature A Powerful Chipset
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The latest rumor involving the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 revolves around a more powerful chipset. The smartphone maker announced improvements they made to the chips. Right now, the Galaxy S4 features an Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chip. It won’t be long before Samsung launches smartphones with the Octa 5420.

Galaxy S5 May Feature A Powerful Chipset

Samsung Galaxy S5’s chipset

According to Sachin Trivedi for International Business Times, “The Octa-core chipset available in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is divided into two groups of four cores. The first four are based on the Cortex A15 architecture and the other four are based on Cortex A7 architecture. The limitation in the Samsung Galaxy S4 was that only four of the eight cores could be used at a time to perform a task. A new technology by Samsung is set to unleash the full power of the Octa-core chipset.”

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The four cores based on Cortex A15 perform the heaviest tasks and the core based on Cortex A7  use less computational intense tasks. A new Cortex A7 would feature a low-energy system and the new Cortex A15 system is for high-performance. It would balance the entire workload. The new technology could totally enhance overall user experience, most particularly during 3D games, viewing augmented reality, or even browsing the web.

Taehoon Kim on the processing design

System LSI marketing vice president Taehoon Kim explained, “big.LITTLE processing is designed to deliver the right combination of processors for a specific job. An eight-core processor with HMP is the truest form of the big.LITTLE technology with limitless benefits to the users of high-performance, low-power mobile products.”

Although it looks like they have a long way to go, Samsung fans are still patiently waiting for the next great smartphone, Galaxy S5. The current Galaxy S4 smartphone has proven to be a bit of a disappointment, as it was a redux of the Galaxy S3.

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