Mohamed Morsi Protests Crackdown: A Timeline

Mohamed Morsi Protests Crackdown: A Timeline

Disclosing the date set for dispersing the protest camps of the supporters of deposed Mohamed Morsi was a little odd, putting in consideration that it would most likely escalate into clashes and bloodshed.

Mohamed Morsi Protests Crackdown: A Timeline

Crack down on supporters of Mohamed Morsi protest camps

Many have talked of set plans for dispersing the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins located in Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya and Nahda Squares. Speculations and analyses of the expected losses have come out, in light of the large number of Mohamed Morsi supporters, in addition to heated speech vilifying the other from both sides.

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The interior ministry has upheld that “everything is ready” for the crackdown on the Mohamed Morsi supporters’ protest camps, yet it are waiting for the political decision to start its crackdown, even though the cabinet has already assigned it to disperse all sit-ins.

Evidently, the defence ministry did not need such a decision to support its action in Sinai, as it embarked its operations targeting armed groups that have been continually attacking Egyptian soldiers and vital installations in the lawless peninsula.

Mohamed Morsi supporters hosted a revolutionary and historic football match

On their side, the supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi have hosted a “revolutionary and historic football match” between the protesters in their two sit-ins.

In their Rabaa sit-in, the former Islamist culture minister opened up what they dubbed as “Egypt’s renaissance cultural center” saying it is a documentation for the “revolution”. They also set up a “Rabaa Park” to be a play area for the children in the supporters of Mohamed Morsi sit-in.

In addition, the supporters of Mohamed Morsi started building a wall surrounding their sit-in, barring their camp from the neighboring streets in Nasr City, as reported by the state news agency and circulating photos on social media websites.

Mohamed Morsi sit-ins speeches

Despite their attempts to entertain themselves during their long sit-in, the Mohamed Morsi sit-ins speeches bear strong and heated rhetoric.

For instance, prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed al-Beltagi said while addressing his Islamist audience, “Those who do not understand your actions are perplexed by them,” adding that they would not understand that there are people who “at times of danger, would go out with their bare chests saying ‘we are men and we will not be turned away from our duty, which we have devoted ourselves and soul to.’”

He continued, “Be patient and trust that you are on the right path, we are proud to be in the square of Jihad and persistence.”

In attempt to prompt enthusiasm in his listeners, he chanted, “We’re prepared for martyrdom, in millions.”

Brotherhood Spokesman Gehad al-Haddad threatened that if their sit-ins were dispersed they would start other Mohamed Morsi supporters’ protest camps elsewhere.

Supporters of Mohamed Morsi are not concerned by the bloodshed

Meanwhile, the supporters of Mohamed Morsi’s ouster are not concerned by the possible bloodshed if it would lead to stability. Others are not bothered by the sit-in as long as it is peaceful. There is  also a faction that calls for negotiations while maintaining that the sit-in must be dispersed without causalities.

Where would all of this lead?

The official political stances of both parties would naturally progress into a gory confrontation, fueled by the blood of Egyptians on both sides.

Tension has reached its highest levels at all sides. Accusing the other who holds a different opinion on the matter of treachery has become the norm. This, in my opinion, is the core threat to Egypt.

Those who cheapen the value of our people’s lives from both sides have no right to speak of a resolution and any suggestions that do not spare the country bloodshed should not by any means be viewed as an answer.

Be kind to Egypt … Be kind to your loved ones.

This content is from : Aswat Masriya

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