Samsung Galaxy S5 To Release This Year? [REPORT]

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Release This Year? [REPORT]
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Samsung released their Galaxy S4 smartphone earlier this summer but it’s apparent that their fans are anxious for arrival of the Galaxy S5 already. Thanks to the sinking sales of the Galaxy S4, Samsung may have to save their brand by releasing the Galaxy S5 sooner than anticpated.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Release This Year? [REPORT]

Samsung’s buggy apps pulling sales down

According to StableyTimes, there are some things that Samsung should do to improve the overall user experience. One idea to consider include is pre-loading the phone with mobile applications that actually work. The website reports,  The base S4 model is literally half-full with Samsung’s own apps, many of which are buggy and obtuse and ripe for deletion. Samsung isn’t a software company, so any apps bundled with the Galaxy S5 need to come from legitimate software vendors, making them actual selling points instead of leaving users griping about the lost storage space.”

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Samsung style not rocking the smartfoners

Another factor Samsung should consider is style. Essentially, the Galaxy S4 looks just like the Galaxy S3 only it’s taller. The smartphone also features a plastic body. It seems that many of the more popular phones opt for either metal or aluminum body. Last, but certainly not last, future compatibility. Samsung released the Galaxy S4 smartphone prior to the release of Android 4.3 operating system. Since this leaves the question of compatibility, some Samsung fans are concerned that the new smartphone won’t be compatible with the next Android OS. It’s vital that Samsung Galaxy S5 ensures compatibility for the upcoming Android 5.0.

Samsung is giving Apple much competition but for how long? Right now, the battle of the smartphones is intense. Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 5S is expected to arrive later this fall but there is already more anticipation for the iPhone 6 which probably won’t arrive until next year. Tech fans want more from their smartphones and it’s crucial that they listen to customer demand.

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