Mursi Supporters, Opponents Clash: Hundreds Injured [LIVE]

Mursi Supporters, Opponents Clash: Hundreds Injured [LIVE]

5 killed, 246 injured in clashes in Egypt — state TV according to breaking reports. Clashes are going on right now between supporters and opponents of Mursi we have more coverage plus live video streaming below.

Mursi Supporters, Opponents Clash: Hundreds Injured [LIVE]

Army imposes curfew in Rafah, Sheikh Zoueid

Army forces in North Sinai gave instructions banning gatherings in Rafah and Sheikh Zoueid areas and imposing a curfew from 9 pm to 7 am in case of assaults by gunmen, an Aswat Masriya eyewitness reported on Friday.

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These instructions are friendly and aim to help security forces to better monitor and track armed people in the area, army sources said.

On the other hand, army helicopters aborted an attempt to bomb the Arish Airport earlier today.

Clashes erupt near state TV building in Cairo

Islamist protesters clashed with State Security forces near Egypt’s state television building (Maspero) on Friday.

Forces used teargas to disperse the protesters who responded by hurling stones, reported the state news agency MENA.

Army forces have been deployed to the Nile Corniche leading to the area.

One dead, hundreds injured in Alexandria clashes

One person was killed and hundreds were injured when supporters and opponents of ousted president Mohamed Mursi clashed in the Sidi Gaber area in Alexandria.

The dead person was shot in the back, said Osama Abul Soud, head of the Alexandria’s Central Hospital.

By the time he was taken to the hospital, it was too late to help him, Abul Soud added.

More than 500 people were injured in the clashes, including four security personnel.

The clashes between the two sides lasted more than five hours.

Unknown gunmen kill five policemen in Sinai on Friday

Two policemen were shot dead after unknown gunmen driving a SUV fired at them in the Karama district south of Sinai’s Arish on Friday, eyewitnesses reported.

A conscript was killed while standing guard at an army tank at the Arish Hospital, security sources said.

Unknown men yanked the conscript’s gun and shot him dead, the sources added.

Two policemen, Ramadan Moawad Mohamed and Tamer Mohamed Abdel Wahab, were killed in the Masa’eed district after gunmen shot them in the head.

Security bodies in Sinai warned policemen against walking along while wearing their uniform to avoid getting shot.

BREAKING: One dead, 8 injured in Tahrir Square clashes

One person was shot dead and eight others were wounded with shotgun pellets amid clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohamed Mursi below October 6th Bridge near Abdel Moneim Riad Square, a medical source said.

The clashes are still ongoing between the two sides in the square, the state news agency reported.

The wounded were taken to al-Mounira, al-Helal and al-Qasr al-Aini hospitals.

Army denies pro-Mursi march entry to Tahrir Square

Army tanks sealed off the Qasr al-Nile Bridge from the Cairo Opera House’s side to prevent a pro-Mursi march from accessing Tahrir Square, the Middle East News Agency reported on Friday.

A march of former president Mohamed Mursi’s supporters tried to reach the square via Qasr al-Nile Bridge, the agency added.

The march headed to October 6th Bridge after they were unable to get to the square using Qasr al-Nile Bridge.

People in Tahrir Square are on alert as they prepare to counter the pro-Mursi march.

Several army vehicles and armed soldiers are present at the square, and three helicopters are circling overhead.

Mursi supporters attack Judges’ Club in Agouza – member

Supporters of ousted president Mohamed Mursi attacked the Judges’ Club in Cairo’s Agouza district with petrol bombs, club treasurer Mohamed Abdo told Aswat Masriya on Friday.

Abdo urged the army and the police to intervene.

Dozens wounded in Alexandria clashes

At least 60 people were injured in clashes that broke out in Alexandria between supporters and opponents of former president Mohamed Mursi.

The clashes broke out after a Muslim Brotherhood march arrived in Sidi Gaber area where opponents of Mursi were rallying.

Central security forces tear-gassed the clashing sides in an attempt to disperse them, an Aswat Masriya eyewitness reported.

Ambulances transported the injured to Alexandria University’s Central Hospital, said Amr Nasr, the head of the ambulance authority.

This content is from : Aswat Masriya


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