How To Strengthen Saved Passwords In Firefox

When it comes to passwords one should be extra cautious—you wouldn’t want to save a password on a web browser in a public computer or a computer that you don’t trust. However, if by mistake you clicked on the ‘save password’ button when Firefox prompts, then there’s a way to delete it. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of how to set a master password and how to view or delete saved passwords in Firefox.

Firefox master password

One advantage that we get in Chrome compared to Firefox is that Chrome allows us to open the password manager and then edit the password. While in Firefox, we have to delete the saved password and then save it again. However, Firefox allows us to set a master password to protect other passwords so that no one can view passwords except the rightful owner. Chrome on the other hand doesn’t have any such master password feature.

Firefox password protection directions

First, let’s learn how to view and delete saved passwords in Firefox.

Click on the Firefox menu at the top left-hand corner and go to Options > Options (as seen in below screenshot).

firefox options

Now, go to the Security tab and click on “Saved Passwords.”


You’ll now be able to see every website where you’ve saved your password. If you want to view the password then select the website and click on “Show passwords” and if you want to remove the password then click on “Remove” button.


You can also right-click on an entry to copy the username or password. This is very useful if you want to paste it to another browser or some program. If yours is a big list then you can use the search bar to find the website that you’re looking for.

Now, let’s learn how to set a master password in Firefox. In the same options window, click on “Use a master password” which will open a new window where you need to add your master password. Note that you should NEVER forget this master password or else you’ll not be able to access any information protected by it. Once you’ve entered the password, click on OK.

From now on, whenever you want to view a password, you’ll need to enter this master password first and then you’ll be given access to other passwords. If you forgot or enter a wrong master password then you won’t be able to see any other stored passwords.

It makes sense to protect your sensitive passwords with a master password if you’re on Firefox. Do try it out using the above method.

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