Facebook Continues To ‘Borrow’ From Twitter, Enables Embedding


Steal is probably more accurate, but to be fair, Twitter doesn’t own the hash tag that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently added.  However, Twitter did take it from the rarely used number sign to something that is now used to denote the subject of something more than a billion times a day between Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Embed post

Soon Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), will unveil Embedded Posts to its 1.15 billion plus users directly from Facebook. Facebook’s Instagram has already allowed this as, of course, has Twitter.

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Facebook rolls out ’embedded posts’

The feature is being rolled out today for use on five sites — first CNN, then Bleacher Report, Huffington Post, Mashable and People. It will be rolled out more widely in the coming weeks ultimately to all of its users.

“When embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content,” Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Dave Capra wrote in a post on the site. “People can also Like and share the post directly from the embed.”

And now stay tuned for prime time Facebook commercials

Embedding will only be allowed with posts that were made public or posted by someone who allows non-friend subscribers, or fans, to their page. It is, however, demonstrative of Facebook’s increasing reach that they also look to extend. Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it would begin to offer television type advertising spots at up to $2.5 million per day for those who choose to try to reach “Prime Time” Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) users.

To find out if a post can be embedded, users will need to move their mouse/mouses/mice, hell, cursor over the audience selector (it’s a globe icon). If it is marked as public, click on the “Embed Post” option in the dropdown menu. It will display HTML code that you can copy and insert onto your website — similar to what you would find with YouTube or Instagram.

Once inserted on your site, or others, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) hopes that this will drive traffic back to its own platform.

Additionally with an embedded post, people can view not only the content, but like or share it directly from the site (no longer needing to first go to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to do the sharing). The author can also be  “Liked” and the post’s comments, photos, and hashtag can be viewed just with a click of a mouse from the site at which its embedded.

It’s not new technology, but it is new for Facebook.