From Whitney Tilson of Kase Capital via email:

Whitney Tilson

I get some of my best ideas from talking to and/or following the 13F filings of top investors, so with that in mind, below are some 13F summaries of various funds.

Whitney Tilson: I get some of my best ideas from following 13F filings of top investors, so with that in mind here are some

3G Capital Partner: Initiated stakes in ULTA; Exited stakes in TPX, COH, NWL; Increased stake in DG, GNC; Lowered stake in DLPH.

  • Adage: Initiated stakes in RL, AZO, ORLY; Exited stakes in SAFM, GIS, BBBY, KMB; Increased stake in KO, WMT, BBY, PM, MDLZ, HAR, HD, AAP; Lowered stake in PVH, RCII, GME, CAG, BDBD, PLCE.
  • Appaloosa: Exited stakes in BWA; Increased stake in F, GT; Lowered stake in DF.
  • Berkshire Hathaway: Exited stakes in ADM; Increased stake in WMT; Lowered stake in MDLZ, KRFT.
  • Buckingham Capital: Initiated stakes in FRAN, LTD, RL, FNP, EL; Exited stakes in DECK, SKX, ANN, SIG, PLCE, JWN; Increased stake in URBN, AEO, SSI, EXPR; Lowered stake in DKS, CROX, HBI, KORS, GNC, FOSL, ANF, M, GIL.
  • Capital Growth: Initiated stakes in KR, NKE, SWY; Exited stakes in HLF, F, FL, M.
  • Carlson Capital: Initiated stakes in ULTA, DKS; Exited stakes in SBUX; Increased stake in BG, ROST, AZO, LOW; Lowered stake in HSH, GNC, KRFT, HOTT, MDLZ.
  • Citadel: Initiated stakes in PF, JCP; Exited stakes in NWL, WSM, TSN, HBI; Increased stake in FL, AZO, BBY, GIS, SYY, DRI, PEP, DG, EXPR, DLTR, K, KO; Lowered stake in PG, LOW, KRFT, ORLY, PM, ANF, COST, PVH, EAT, HSY, UA, DKS, MJN.
  • Dodge & Cox: Initiated stakes in KRFT; Increased stake in JCP.
  • Eminence: Initiated stakes in FDO, ABG, GPI, SAH, VFC, ANN, ARO; Exited stakes in DG, HSH, RL; Increased stake in MNST, FNP; Lowered stake in FOSL, WSM.
  • Eton Park: Initiated stakes in MJN, STZ; Exited stakes in RL, WMT, BBY; Increased stake in DLTR, CMG; Lowered stake in DG.
  • Fairholme: Increased stake in SHLD.
  • Farallon Capital: Initiated stakes in STZ, YUM, TIF; Lowered stake in PBY, MDLZ, SBH, DG.
  • Fidelity: Exited stakes in LTD, CAR, BDBD, SKUL, BAGL; Increased stake in PG, HD, BBY, WAG, SBUX, RCII, DLPH, KR, FIVE, DG, F, LOW, MO, SPLS, PVH, CAB; Lowered stake in WMT, PETM, ULTA, MNST, JCP, FL, DLTR, YUM, TFM, KMB, TIF, PNRA, WFM, DKS, TGT, BEAM.
  • Glenview: Initiated stakes in WAG, TGT, RAD; Increased stake in JCP; Lowered stake in STZ.
  • Greenlight: Lowered stake in DLPH. Note filing shows GMCR Put options for ~1.26M shares. Filing no longer shows CMG Put options
  • Harris Associates: Initiated stakes in FDO; Increased stake in FL; Lowered stake in SIG.
  • Highfields: Initiated stakes in FOSL, DF, BWLD, RSH; Exited stakes in AAP, SFD, HSH; Increased stake in THI, FDO, DLTR, MDLZ; Lowered stake in CRI, CCE.
  • Hoplite: Exited stakes in HSH, CCE, KORS, MNST, HLF; Increased stake in DLTR, ULTA, FLO, AZO, CRI, DG; Lowered stake in WFM, SBUX.
  • Icahn: Initiated stakes in HLF. Note filing states that “Confidential treatment has been requested for certain accounts of securities reported by this Institutional Investment Manager pursuant to Rule 24b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and this information has been filed separately with the Commission.”
  • Jana Partners: Initiated stakes in SVU, ODP; Increased stake in BIG, FNP, VC; Lowered stake in CCE.
  • Karsch: Initiated stakes in ULTA, MDLZ; Lowered stake in PVH.
  • Lone Pine: Initiated stakes in SBH; Increased stake in MJN, GPS, DG, DLTR, ULTA, LULU; Lowered stake in RL, KORS.
  • Luxor: Initiated stakes in THI. KORS; Exited stakes in ZO, DLTR, CRI.
  • Massachusetts Financial Service: Initiated stakes in ORLY; Exited stakes in DG, GPS; Increased stake in PM, TGT, PG, YUM, MDLZ, DPS; Lowered stake in URBN, SBUX.
  • Maverick: Initiated stakes in HD, LOW, DECK; Exited stakes in JWN; Increased stake in WFM; Lowered stake in RL, FDO, M.
  • Neuberger Berman: Initiated stakes in FNP, NUS; Exited stakes in LTD, STZ, WTW; Increased stake in PG, NWL, CMG, CAG, WWAV, BBY; Lowered stake in VFC, FDO, URBN, SBUX, AZO, LO.
  • Och-Ziff Management: Initiated stakes in STZ, DF; Exited stakes in FDO, PEP, F; Increased stake in DG, HLF, SVU; Lowered stake in HSH, MDLZ, KORS, .
  • Owl Creek: Initiated stakes in GNC; Exited stakes in LOW, DECK, SVU; Lowered stake in VC.
  • Paulson: Initiated stakes in FDO; Lowered stake in DLPH, HSH.
  • Pershing: PG share position remains at 27.9M. PG Call options position decreased by 3.4M shares to 957K from 4.3M
  • RBS Partners: Exited stakes in BIG, SWY, AZO; Lowered stake in AN, GPS, SHLD.
  • Relational: Initiated stakes in MDLZ, JOSB; Exited stakes in PEP; Lowered stake in HAR. Note filing states that ‘Confidential information has been omitted from the public Form 13F and filed
  • separately with the Commission.”
  • SAC: Initiated stakes in BBY, UA, ODP; Exited stakes in COH, WSM, RAI, VRA; Increased stake in GNC, PETM, ADM, ROST, GPS, KORS, CRI, WFM, ANF, SFD; Lowered stake in NKE, RL, AZO, KMX.
  • Scout Capital: Initiated stakes in PEP, THI, LULU, DF, POST, MNST, MJN; Exited stakes in DG, ULTA, KORS, TIF, ARCO; Increased stake in WFM, SBH, SBUX; Lowered stake in MDLZ, PG, CCE, EL, DPZ.
  • Sigma Capital: Initiated stakes in GNC, SVU, UA, AZO, GPS, PVH; Exited stakes in RL, SBUX, COST, BNNY; Increased stake in WFM, PNRA, FLO; Lowered stake in ANF.
  • Southeastern: Increased stake in MDLZ; Lowered stake in DIN, SKS.
  • Soros: Exited stakes in HD, F, COST, NWL; Increased stake in STZ.
  • Soroban: Initiated stakes in AZO; Increased stake in DG, CCE; Lowered stake in NWL.
  • Starboard Value: Initiated stakes in SFD. Note Starboard Value filed its 13-F on 5/6
  • T Rowe: Initiated stakes in WWAV, SSI; Increased stake in PG, GMCR, LOW, LULU, DLTR, PM, AVP, WFM, DSW, AZO, GIS, TSCO, HD, CMG, WMT, KSS, DF, RL; Lowered stake in KORS, YUM, CAG, MO, HAS, COH, DPS, UA, MNST.
  • TIAA CREF: Initiated stakes in BDBD; Exited stakes in LTD; Increased stake in PEP, HD, PG, KO, KR, DLPH, SPLS, K; Lowered stake in F, EL, LO, CL, DLTR, AEO.
  • Tiger Global: Initiated stakes in DG, CRI, DLTR, JCP, LULU, GMCR; Exited stakes in ARCO, RNDY; Increased stake in VRA.
  • Tiger Consumer: Initiated stakes in ULTA, ROST, PNRA, WFM, URBN, ARO, JCP, PIR, CHS; Exited stakes in BWLD, SBUX, FNP; Increased stake in DECK; Lowered stake in DLTR, HD, LULU, CRI, DG, KRFT.
  • Third Point: Initiated stakes in TIF; Exited stakes in HLF, CCE, HSH, PVH; Increased stake in STZ, DG; Lowered stake in DLPH. Note filing indicates HSH calls on 2.5M shares.
  • TPG Axon: Lowered stake in DG.
  • Tremblant: Exited stakes in CBOU, SPLS; Lowered stake in DNKN, FNP, CAKE, SODA, GMCR.
  • Trian Funds: Increased stake in MDLZ (40.3M from 19.4M in Q4 Amended 13F) & PEP (12.0M from 3.93M in Q4 Amended 13F); Lowered stake in TIF.
  • UBS O’Conner: Initiated stakes in PETM; Exited stakes in KRFT, HD; Lowered stake in CAG, KO.
  • Viking: Initiated stakes in LOW; Exited stakes in AZO, DG; Increased stake in KORS, NWL; Lowered stake in EL.
  • Wellington: Initiated stakes in BBY, WFM, ULTA, TFM; Exited stakes in BIG; Increased stake in GIS, KRFT, PG, LOW, TGT, AZO, HD, ADM, DLTR, MNST, GME, NWL, EL, MO; Lowered stake in FDO, PEP, JCP, F, KO, KMB, HBI, HLF, TRW, DNKN, URBN, GT, LULU.
  • West Face Capital: Lowered stake in SWY


May 16 (Bloomberg) — Summary of 1Q 13-F filings:

Greenlight Capital boosts stake in AAPL; takes stakes in OIS, HES, SPR, IACI; exits stakes in ESV, XRX, YHOO, NVR; cut stakes in MSFT, STX, DLPH, CBS

Paulson & Co. boosts stakes in S, LIFE, PXD, BPOP, AET; takes stakes in

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